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Sep 17

Defense: Documentation of high-confidence full-length human mRNA scaffolds based on single native RNA reads

Logan Mulroney
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Nanopore sequencing devices read individual RNA strands directly. This facilitates identification of exon linkages and nucleotide modifications, however using conventional methods the 5′ and 3′ ends of mature mRNA cannot be identified unambiguously. This is due in part to the architecture... Read More

Aug 24

Defense: Specificity of Transcriptional Regulation

Robert Shelansky
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Gene-specific regulation of transcription is achieved through the binding of transcription factors to DNA sequences. Many eukaryotic transcription factors maintain affinity differences between target and non-target sequences that appear too small to explain the specificity observed for... Read More

Aug 21

Defense: A genomic approach to studying the evolutionary consequences of population declines

Nedda Saremi
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Since the release of the human genome sequence in 2003, decreasing costs of DNA sequencing and advances in laboratory techniques have allowed scientists to study demography, admixture, and evolution for a growing diversity of taxa beyond humans. The work I present in this dissertation is... Read More