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Jan 31

"You've got a great idea for a company, now what?"

Bill Richter, J.D.
Corporate Lawyer, Richter Law Offices, Santa Cruz, CA

Bio: Bill is an experienced corporate and transactional lawyer in practice downtown.  Since starting his practice in 2002, he has worked with numerous faculty and students to create and finance companies and license IP from the campus.  ... Read More

Jan 17

BME 280B Seminar Series

Hongxu Ding
Postdoctoral Scholar, CGL Lab & Stuart Lab

Title: "Single Cell RNA-Seq" Ding's research focuses on developing computational and experimental tools for the analysis of single cells. These interests have led to the following projects, addressing questions that range from the development of novel algorithm for single cell transcriptional... Read More

Jan 16

Employing Large-Scale Human Genetics for Therapeutic Target Discovery at 23andMe

Lino Gonzalez
Senior Scientist

23andMe, a leading personal genetics company, has accumulated a research platform that is currently the world’s largest database for genetic research. Dr. Gonzalez will provide an overview of the company’s approach to therapeutic development, with a focus on novel targets using the 23andMe genetic... Read More