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Jan 8

Estimating the genetic burden: What really is deleterious in the human genome?

Thomas Markello, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Geneticist, Clinical Staff Physician Office of the Clinical Director

Background: The problem of validating a candidate gene variant as the actual cause of a disease in a single human with a pathologic phenotype is the single most resource-intensive part of using a human genome sequence in medical diagnosis. Historical tests for validity in model animal and plant... Read More

Dec 5

BME Seminar Series: John Stanley, Pourmand Lab & Melissa Cline, Paten Lab

John Stanley, Pourmand Lab & Melissa Cline, Paten Lab

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Dec 4

Can We Build Artificial Life?

Drew Endy
Associate Chair, Education

Abstract The capacity to construct and operate organisms from defined molecules without constraint to natural lineage or artificial environment would mark the start of a new era for biology and everything life impacts. Two complementary approaches have and are being pursued: Natural lineage... Read More