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Oct 15

Tech for Social Good Student Project & Event Funding - Info Session

Michael Matkin
Assistant Director

The 2020-21 Tech for Social Good (TSG) program is now open for applications for sponsor student research projects and events on UC Santa Cruz campus. Project ideas that explore the use of technology to solve a significant social challenge can apply for up to $5000 in funding and event ideas up to $... Read More

Oct 13

PIT-UN Seminar - The CITRIS Policy Lab: Supporting Interdisciplinary Research to Inform Evidence-Based Policymaking

Dr. Brandie Nonnecke
Founding Director, CITRIS Policy Lab

  As part of the UC Santa Cruz Public Interest Technology, University Network speaker series, Dr. Brandie Nonnecke, Founding Director of the CITRIS Policy Lab, will discuss the work of the lab and how it can impact your own research.   RSVP and get the Zoom link at https://transform.... Read More

Oct 8

Advancement: The Evolution and Biological Roles of 3D Nuclear Structure

Jakob McBroome
PhD Student

Abstract: The human genome, laid end to end, is approximately two meters long. As it exists entirely in every cell, it must be compacted over a million fold to fit into the space of the nucleus. Each chromosome consists of a series of compartments that vary in transcriptional activity, which are in... Read More