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Jun 8

Advancement: Characterization of tRNAs and tRNA-derived Small RNAs in Mammalian Neural Development

Alex Bagi
PhD Student

Abstract: The evolution of the primate lineage has led to a rapid expansion of neuronal gene regulatory regions (nRRs) with hyper-amplification of neural-specific protein domains in humans. The human chromosome 1q21.1 region falls into this category, noted for containing NOTCH2NL (N2NL), a human-... Read More

Jun 4

Defense: Multi-omic analyses and organoid models for identification of therapeutic vulnerabilities and developmental origins in childhood cancer

Lauren Sanders
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Pediatric cancers are different from adult cancers in that they often have few targetable DNA mutations, and in most cases are thought to be developmental in origin rather than environmental. While overall survival rates for pediatric cancer have increased in the past few decades, there... Read More

Jun 3

Advancement: Exploring the utility of long reads in genome assembly, diplotyping, and comparative genomics

Marina Haukness
PhD Student

Abstract: Despite their accuracy, next-generation DNA sequencing technologies have limited utility in analyzing ambiguous and repetitive parts of the genome due to the short length of reads. Third-generation long read DNA sequencing technologies, such as those from Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT... Read More