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Jun 28

Advancement: Add-Seq: a novel method for genome-wide chromatin accessibility mapping with nanopore sequencing

Brandon Saint-John
PhD Student

Abstract:  Nucleosomes are comprised of 147 bp of DNA wrapped around a histone octamer, and are the building blocks for chromosomal structure. Nucleosomes play a role in gene regulation based on their position across the body of a gene. However, current next-generation sequencing methods rely... Read More

Jun 13

Advancement: Tools for large and detailed experiments in genomics and tissue development

Yohei Rosen
PhD Student

Abstract:  Computational genomics and neural tissue development are two fields which may benefit more realistic models and the ability to analyze more experimental units. Two active areas of genomic research are graph structures to represent complex differences between genomes and algorithms... Read More

Jun 8

Advancement: Ctenophore phased diploid genome assembly and halocyprid ostracod bioluminescence

Darrin Schultz
PhD Student

Abstract:  Despite continuously falling DNA sequencing prices, contemporary de novo genome assembly algorithms are unable to produce satisfactory assemblies of many invertebrate species’ genomes. In this talk I will discuss a proposal to improve the genome assembly quality of challenging... Read More