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Jul 27

On Coffee and Epistasis: A Conversation with Brandon Ogbunu, Brown University

Brandon Ogbunu
Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

In this seminar, Dr. Ogbunu will explore a cutting-edge concept in modern genetics called epistasis, informally defined as "the surprise at the phenotype when mutations are combined, given the constituent mutations’ individual effects." He will focus on recent work in the Ogbunu Lab exploring how... Read More

Jul 13

Interpreting the Human Genome: A Conversation with Diego Martinez

Diego Martinez, Ph.D.
Head of Bioinformatics

Now that we can sequence everyone's genome at a reasonable cost, how will we help individuals understand what their personal genome means? In addition to insights into genome interpretation, Dr. Martinez will offer a perspective into the development of his career, and lessons learned that might be... Read More

Jul 6

NHGRI Strategic Planning Town Hall

Dr. David Haussler
Distinguished Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) recently launched a new round of strategic planning that will establish a “2020 vision for genomics” and culminate in the publication of a new NHGRI strategic plan in October 2020. As with past strategic planning efforts, NHGRI is... Read More