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Dec 9

Defense: Empirical determination of the individual permeabilities of thousands of geometrically diverse cyclic hexa- and heptapeptides via multiplex PAMPA and MSMS sequencing

Chad Townsend
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Much of modern pharmaceutical development has occurred within or nearby the chemical space delineated by Lipinski’s rules of five (< 500 molecular weight, < 5 hydrogen bond donors, < 5 octanol/water partition coefficient, < 10 hydrogen bond acceptors) due to the practical... Read More

Nov 20

Exploring Baskin Engineering Majors

Is your current major right for you? Join a panel of faculty and students to explore engineering majors. Scan the QR code to register Professors:- Katia Obraczka- Narges Norouzi- Matthew Guthaus- Peter Alvaro- Sarah Abrahamsson- Jim Whitehead- Angus Forbes- Pascale Garaud- Marcella... Read More

Oct 30

Advancement: Structure-based modeling of peptide/MHC complexes

Santrupti Nerli
PhD Student

Abstract: Peptide/MHC structures are very useful in understanding T-cell receptor recognition and peptide immunogenicity, which is an important step in the design and development of vaccines and therapies to treat cancer and infectious diseases. However, solving peptide/MHC structures... Read More