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May 2

CPSRC Seminar: Bridging the Gap Between Requirements and Model Analysis: Evaluation on Ten Cyber-Physical Challenge Problems

Anastasia Mavridou
Computer Scientist

  Abstract   We present a framework for introducing high-level requirement  specifications in the automated analysis of dataflow models.  By integrating the Formal Requirements Elicitation Tool (FRET) with  the CoCoSim analyzer, our framework enables the analysis of... Read More

May 2

Hallam Stevens on the Starting-up of Biology

Hallam Stevens on the Starting-up of Biology
Hallam Stevens

The BGI group, based in Shenzhen, China, is one of the world’s largest and most successful genomics companies. Most commentaries on BGI have focused, quite narrowly, on the organization’s ambitions for scaling-up biology into a high-throughput production line. Drawing on ethnography,... Read More

Apr 24

Public Reception: UCSC STEM Postdoc Assoc. Symposium

Michael Rosbash
2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine; Director of the Brandeis National Center for Behavioral Genomics

Interested in learning about cutting-edge research at UC Santa Cruz? Join us for a FREE public post reception designed to communicate the amazing research we do at UC Santa Cruz to the community!Come enjoy free food, learn about (and present your own) amazing science, and interact with... Read More