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Apr 11

Signatures of rearrangement processes in whole genome sequences of breast cancers

Dominik Glodzik 
Assistant Researcher

  Abstract  Somatic rearrangements contribute to the mutagenized landscape of cancer genomes. Whole genome sequences reveal structural variation in full detail. In this talk I will describe our studies on origin and consequences of rearrangements in breast cancer genomes. Firstly, we... Read More

Apr 7

CANCELLED: Inferring Temporal Signaling Pathways and Regulatory Networks, and Classifying Cell Types from High-Throughput Data

Siddartha Jain
PhD student, Computer Science Department

Due to inclement weather in Philadelphia, flights are grounded. Please stay tuned for a new date and time.   Abstract Cells need to be able to sustain themselves, divide, and adapt to new stimuli. Proteins are key agents in regulating these processes. In all cases, the cell behavior is... Read More

Apr 6

BME Seminar Series

Luke Gilbert
Assistant Professor

Title: Retooling CRISPR to turn genes on and off Read More