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Sep 28

BME Seminar Series

11:40 AM: Joshua Stuart Title: F#@$ Cancer: Overview of Cancer Genomics Projects in the Stuart Lab  12:40 PM: Jonathan Trent Title: Do proteins need chaperones?   Read More

Sep 27

Genomic profiling of gliomas and gastric cancer in Chinese population

Mingyu (Mindy) Yang, Ph.D.
Post Doc Candidate in the Stuart Lab

School of Life Science, Peking University Title: “Genomic profiling of gliomas and gastric cancer in Chinese population” Abstract: Gliomas and gastric cancer are more common in China than in Western countries. We performed RNA-seq of 272 gliomas and Exome-seq of 130 gastric cancer patients in... Read More

Sep 20

Biomarker Development from Deep Transcriptome Profiling and the Depth of Sequencing Required

Anthony (Tony) Schweitzer
Principal Scientist and Director of Bioinformatics for Expression Microarrays

Technologies such as next generation sequencing are showing us brief glimpses of the enormous complexities within our cells transcriptomes.  Non-coding RNAs and alternative splicing events are new sources of biomarker development.  These biomarkers help identify risk for disease, diagnose... Read More