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Sep 20

Biomarker Development from Deep Transcriptome Profiling and the Depth of Sequencing Required

Anthony (Tony) Schweitzer
Principal Scientist and Director of Bioinformatics for Expression Microarrays

Technologies such as next generation sequencing are showing us brief glimpses of the enormous complexities within our cells transcriptomes.  Non-coding RNAs and alternative splicing events are new sources of biomarker development.  These biomarkers help identify risk for disease, diagnose... Read More

Jul 28

On Complex Systems: Coffee, Genes and Memes

C. Brandon Ogbunu, PhD
Professor, Department of Biology

The modern world is defined by phenomenon composed of interacting parts that combine and create unexpected and unpredictable outcomes.  New breakthroughs in the quantitative sciences, and in particular the “complex systems” perspective, are enriching our view of the world, and have provided... Read More

Jul 24

Grant Writing Workshop

David States, Carrie Partch and Jordan Ward

Proposal writing is an essential skill for a postdoc, especially if you are planning to stay in academia. Successful grant proposal can open many doors for you. Receiving a K99 award greatly increases your chance in securing a faculty position. These programs are also highly competitive, with... Read More