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Oct 7

NCCB Symposium 2017

Angela Brooks
Assistant Professor of Biomolecular Engineering

THE NCCB is the Northern California Computational Biology student group for PhD, masters, and undergraduate students based in Northern California. Students from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UCSF, and Stanford NCCB produce a one-day symposium of student and industry talks, a poster session, and... Read More

Oct 5

BME Seminar Series

11:40 AM: Scott Lokey Title: Drugging the undruggable 12:40 PM: Nathalie Scholler Title: Yeast-display library screening for cancer immunotargeting     Read More

Sep 28

BME Seminar Series

11:40 AM: Joshua Stuart Title: F#@$ Cancer: Overview of Cancer Genomics Projects in the Stuart Lab  12:40 PM: Jonathan Trent Title: Do proteins need chaperones?   Read More