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Jan 25

Advancement: Annotating Mechanism of Action of Natural Products using Orthogonal Platforms FUSION and CP

Akshar Lohith
PhD Student

Abstract: Natural products have been vital in human history as sources of drugs and medicines and have been crucial to the development and inspiration for over 1000 therapeutics in the last 30+ years. In order to process and discover more chemical products, we have leaned on the innovation and... Read More

Jan 19

COVID-19 Mutations & YOU


On January 19, Santa Cruz Works will conduct a Town Hall wherein a distinguished panel of experts will answer all of your questions about the new COVID-19 mutation. You learn what UCSC and our community leaders are doing to test and combat the virus. If you would like to submit... Read More

Dec 10

Pathways to Careers in Genomics: Otto X. Cordero

Otto X. Cordero
Associate Professor

Biography: Otto X. Cordero received a B.S. in computer and electrical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Ecuador, an M.Sc. in artificial intelligence from Utrecht University, and a Ph.D. in theoretical biology, also from Utrecht University. His main research focus is the ecology and... Read More