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Mar 6

Ontogeny and plasticity of the lung stem cell pool in development and disease

Wellington V. Cardoso, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine and Genetics and Development Director, Columbia Center for Human Development

Abstract: Tissue-specific stem cells are crucial in maintaining homeostasis and integrity of adult organs. In the conducting airways of the lung, these cells occupy the basal compartment of the epithelium and give rise to multiple differentiated cell types. Under persistent injury by environmental... Read More

Mar 4

Stem cell dynamics in intestinal and biliary epithelia

Adam Gracz
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics & Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease

Abstract Our lab is interested in understanding the role of chromatin in regulating stem cell function, including self-renewal, differentiation, and plasticity, in the intestinal epithelium. To do this, we use a Sox9EGFP transgenic reporter mouse, which allows us to differentially isolate stem... Read More

Feb 28

From transcription factor binding to function: unraveling the stem cell pluripotency network by repurposing CRISPR/Cas9

Ali Shariati
Postdoctoral Scholar

Abstract Interactions between transcription factors and their genomic binding sites control gene activity. Despite tremendous progress in mapping the binding sites of transcription factors across the genome, outstanding questions still remain. How does transcription factor binding relate to... Read More