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Dec 10

Defense: Practical Tools for Exploring tRNA Conservation

Brian Lin
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Todd Lowe)

Abstract:  Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are universal to living organisms, and are involved in a variety of noncanonical functions. Systematically identifying atypical tRNAs is of considerable biological interest, but extracting relevant insights from a large trove of sequencing data is difficult due... Read More

Dec 6

BME 280B BME Seminar Series

Nader Pourmand; Josh Stuart
Professor; Professor

Nader Pourmand: Nanopipette and its applications"   Josh Stuart: TBD Read More

Nov 30

Fuzzy Face Frisbee Friday

Dr Josh Stuart
Professor, Biomolecular Engineering Department

 Disc golf tournament followed by a taco party & raffle! Win great prizes!* Free UCSC GI trucker hat & disc with team participation!  Register and donate:  - Sign up, chow down at our pre-event Woodstock’s pizza party Wed. Nov. 28, 12-2pm Science... Read More