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Jan 16

BME Seminar Series: Kurt Schmoller

Kurt Schmoller

Abstract  Size is a fundamental property of cells that is intricately linked to most intracellular processes. If cell size changes due to cell growth, during development and differentiation, or in response to changes in nutrient conditions, cells adjust the size of many organelles, including... Read More

Jan 9

BME Seminar Series: Jon Howard and Bryan Thornlow

Jon Howard and Bryan Thornlow
Lowe Lab

Jon Howard, Lowe Lab, "Unraveling mammalian tRNA (epi)transcriptomics: Not all tRNA is created equal"and Bryan Thornlow, Lowe & Corbett Labs, “Predicting transfer RNA gene activity from sequence and genome context” Read More

Jan 8

Estimating the genetic burden: What really is deleterious in the human genome?

Thomas Markello, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Geneticist, Clinical Staff Physician Office of the Clinical Director

Background: The problem of validating a candidate gene variant as the actual cause of a disease in a single human with a pathologic phenotype is the single most resource-intensive part of using a human genome sequence in medical diagnosis. Historical tests for validity in model animal and plant... Read More