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Aug 21

Defense: A genomic approach to studying the evolutionary consequences of population declines

Nedda Saremi
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Since the release of the human genome sequence in 2003, decreasing costs of DNA sequencing and advances in laboratory techniques have allowed scientists to study demography, admixture, and evolution for a growing diversity of taxa beyond humans. The work I present in this dissertation is... Read More

Aug 10

5th Annual BD2K Summer UP Symposium

BD2K 2020 Summer Scholars

Through Thursday! Don’t miss it – ADD this to your calendar Please join us for the 5th Annual BD2K Summer UP Symposium Live & online!  For the full speaker line-up, abstracts & Zoom links, click HERE. Eighteen talks in four days — each... Read More

Jul 17

2020 Bioinformatics Community Conference

Louise Cabansay
Software Engineer

BCC2020 is online, global, and affordable. The 2020 Bioinformatics Community Conference brings together the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) and the Galaxy Community Conference into a single event featuring training, a meeting, and a CollaborationFest. Events run from... Read More