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Sep 24

Scientific Principles of Life with Professor David Haussler

Dr. David Haussler
Distinguished Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Learn basic principles of life as it exists on this planet and how they generalize -- Darwinian evolution, genomes -- scientific theories of life including mechanistic, thermodynamic, and information theoretic models. Explore the future of life from the Internet to machine learning and adaptation,... Read More

Aug 7

Defense: Comparative genomics and regulation of tRNAs and tRNA fragments

Andrew Holmes
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  I report on two different forms of whole-genome analysis of tRNA gene regulation. The first is analysis of tRNA fragments using RNA-sequencing. I develop a computational method to analyze changes in RNA sequencing data from tRNAs and tRNA fragments and use this method to analyze... Read More

Jul 31

Advancement: Investigating RNA modifications in cancer through site-directed A-to-I editing for inosine identification in nvRNA sequencing

Alison Tang
PhD Student

Abstract:  There are upwards of 100 distinct mRNA modifications that can alter mRNA stability, activity, and localization. One such RNA modification is the deamination of an adenosine to form an inosine, a modification that has been implicated in several cancers. To systematically study A-to-I... Read More