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Mar 18

Defense: New tools for localizing ancestry across genomes of hybrids provide insight into the genetics of speciation

Nathan Schaefer
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Ed Green)

Abstract:  Understanding the processes by which new species arise has long been of interest to evolutionary geneticists. In some cases, abrupt changes in habitat or niche can spur on a suite of adaptive changes in one population that help lead to its genetic isolation from others. In cases... Read More

Mar 14

Understanding functional heterogeneity in normal mammary gland and breast cancer

Shaheen Sikandar
Research Scientist

Abstract: Single cell technologies have allowed us to visualize the complexity of transcriptional states of a cell in a given tissue. Despite available information that normal stem cells and tumor-initiating cells are heterogeneous, the effect of this transcriptional heterogeneity on functional... Read More

Mar 11

Chromatin dynamics, diabetes, and beyond: balancing the homeostatic equation

Zong wei
Staff Scientist

Abstract                                                                               ... Read More