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Aug 2

Defense: Predicting and Understanding Outcomes by Leveraging Chemical Structures and Molecular Information with Interpretable Deep Learning

Ioannis Anastopoulos
PhD Candidate

Abstract: As biological data become more readily available and more convoluted, equally involved methods are needed to predict and understand outcomes in biological systems. Classical machine learning methods are not well suited for prediction tasks that need to integrate heterogeneous sources of... Read More

Jul 16

Advancement: Detection of alternative isoforms of gene fusions using long-read RNA-seq

Colette Felton
PhD Student

Abstract: Gene fusions are important cancer drivers and drug targets, but are difficult to map with short read data. Long-read sequencing is also the only way to reliably detect alternative splicing in gene fusions, which has been shown to be a mechanism for drug resistance and altered level of... Read More

Jul 14

Defense: Ctenophore Genomics and Animal Evolution

Darrin Schultz
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Ctenophores, or comb jellies, are ecologically important members of all marine habitats and are the putative sister phylum to the rest of animals. Because of their phylogenetic position, understanding ctenophore biology is key to resolving several outstanding questions in the early... Read More