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Nov 7

Be Bold, Go Bald! for Childhood Cancer Research

Treehouse's Brave the Shave Fundraiser Sponsored by the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute FREE haircuts!! One style offered: BALD!...just raise a little money for pediatric cancer research! Benefits of being bald:~ improved aerodynamics/hydrodynamics~ raising awareness of childhood cancer~... Read More

Nov 1

5:20 Zentrepreneur Symposium Series

Lyndon Rive

The 5:20 Zentrepreneur Symposium Series The 5:20 Zentrepreneur Symposium Series is a weekly four-part program created by serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley executive, Toby Corey (Tesla, SolarCity, USWeb)  in partnership with the Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz and Santa... Read More

Oct 30

Advancement: Detecting 5’ UTR Mutations and Predicting Their Impact on Gene Translation in Lung Cancer

Jon Akutagawa (Advisor: Angela Brooks)
PhD Student

Abstract:  Next generation sequencing studies of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related deaths globally, have revealed a strikingly high rate of somatic mutations. Unfortunately, half of lung cancers lack mutations in a known driver oncogene. Considering that protein-coding... Read More