Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is a discipline devoted to the use of mathematical methods and reasoning to solve real-world problems of a scientific or decision-making nature in a wide variety of subjects, principally (but not exclusively) in engineering, medicine, the physical and biological sciences, and the social sciences. Applied mathematical modeling often involves the use of systems of (partial) differential equations to describe and predict the behavior of complex real-world systems that unfold dynamically in time. 


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Good Engineering: Making a World of Difference

The Baskin School of Engineering graduates nearly a thousand engineering students per year. The holistic education we provide means that our graduates are more than just good engineers. They’re problem-solvers, eager and able to seek collaborative solutions to emerging opportunities and challenges... Read More

Drypoint—Ocean Surface (1983) V. Celmins

Prof. Venturi addresses a long-standing open problem in computational mathematics

Functional differential equations are capable of describing the complete statistical properties of a turbulent flow or predicting the electronic structure of superconducting materials. For nearly seventy years, the math behind them has been so complex they were impossible to solve, and their... Read More

Pascale Garaud

Two UCSC professors elected Fellows of American Physical Society

David Williams, adjunct professor of physics at UC Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP), and Pascale Garaud, professor of applied mathematics in the Baskin School of Engineering, have been elected Fellows of the American Physical Society (APS) in recognition of their... Read More


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