Department Chair

Qi Gong
Professor and Department Chair, Applied Mathematics

Baskin Engineering, Room 361A

Graduate Director

Hongyun Wang
Professor, Applied Mathematics

Baskin Engineering, Room 369
Monday 9:00-11am

Undergraduate Director

Pascale Garaud
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Undergraduate Director, Department of Applied Mathematics

Baskin Engineering, Room 353A
Mondays 3-4, Thursdays 11-12

Graduate Advisor

Theo-Alyce Gordon
Graduate Advisor, Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics MS/PhD
Graduate Advisor, Computational Media MS/PhD
Graduate Advisor, Games + Playable Media MS
Graduate Advisor, Serious Games MS

Engineering 2, Room 595K
Tuesday - Thursday, 1:30PM - 4PM. All other times by appointment only.

Interim Department Manager (effective June 17, 2019)

Dana Pierce
Senior Department Manager, Computer Science & Engineering
Director of Department Operations, BSOE

Engineering 2, Room 298E
Monday-Friday 7am-4pm