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B.S. in Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is a field of research specializing in the development and application of analytical and numerical tools and techniques toward the solution of complex quantitative problems in science and engineering. A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Applied Mathematics prepares graduates for careers in the industry (usually in research and development) or academia (either in teaching and/or in research at university or governmental laboratories or agencies). It can be a terminal degree, or prepare students for graduate school in applied mathematics or related fields.

For program details, please see here.

Major Qualification

In order to be admitted into the applied mathematics major, students must be listed as a proposed major within the School of Engineering or within the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences. Please refer to Prepare to Declare a BSOE Major.

Transfers to the program should consult the Transfer Students section of the Baskin Engineering Undergraduate Affairs page.

In addition to being listed as a proposed School of Engineering or Physical and Biological Sciences major, admission to the applied mathematics major is based on passing the following foundational courses:

Foundation Courses
One of the following series:
Either these courses    
MATH 19A Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics


MATH 19B Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics


or these courses    
MATH 20A Honors Calculus


MATH 20B Honors Calculus


Plus these courses:
AM 30 Multivariate Calculus for Engineers


CSE 16 Applied Discrete Mathematics


Plus one of the following:
AM 10 Mathematical Methods for Engineers I


MATH 21 Linear Algebra


Plus one of the following:
AM 20 Mathematical Methods for Engineers II


MATH 24 Ordinary Differential Equations


Declaration of the major can happen no sooner than the student's second quarter, and no later than the campus deadline.

At most, one unsuccessful attempt (grade C-, D+, D, D-, F, or NP) for a foundation course is permitted.


Appeal Process

Denials of admission to the major may be appealed by submitting a letter to the School of Engineering Undergraduate Advising office, addressed to the program  undergraduate director within 15 days from the date the notification was mailed. The appeal letter must describe why the prior performance is not an accurate reflection of the student's potential. Within 15 days of receipt of the appeal, the Undergraduate Advising office will notify the student and their college of the decision.


How to Declare a Major

There are five steps to declaring a BSOE major. For a detailed guide to this process, please consult Baskin Engineering's Declare Your Major website.

For transfer information, course substituion, double major and other policy details, please see here.