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Nov 4

AM Seminar: Mixing Hot and Cold with Sound

Gregory Chini

Abstract The study of acoustic streaming, in which the nonlinear interaction of time-periodic sound waves of small amplitude ε drives O(ε2) time-mean flows, dates back to the work of Lord Rayleigh.  Owing to their ability to effect a net transport of heat, mass, and momentum, acoustic... Read More

Oct 28

Statistics Seminar Series: Scalable Bayesian optimization for high dimensional expensive functions

Matthias Poloczek

Abstract: Bayesian optimization has recently emerged as a powerful method for the sample-efficient optimization of expensive black-box functions. These functions do not have a closed-form and are evaluated for example by running a complex simulation, a lab experiment, or solving a PDE. Use cases... Read More

Oct 21

AM Seminar: Cosmic Ray Feedback in Galaxies

Peng Oh

Abstract Cosmic Rays are energetic relativistic particles which are accelerated at shocks. They permeate our Galaxy and have a comparable energy density to the thermal gas. Even though they propagate at the speed of light, they are confined for much longer than the light crossing time, by... Read More