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Mar 11

AM Seminar: Nonlocal Conservation Laws: Theory and Applications

Alexander Keimer
Postdoctoral researcher

Abstract We will introduce a rather new type of modeling with nonlocal conservation laws. The difference to "local" conservation laws stems from the fact that the velocity of the conservation law is not locally dependent on the solution but on a neighborhood at a given space-time point, realized... Read More

Mar 4

AM Seminar: Wasserstein Information Geometric Learning

Wuchen Li
Computational and Applied Mathematics Assistant Professor

Abstract Optimal transport and Wasserstein metric nowadays play important roles in data science. In this talk, we will briefly review its development and applications in machine learning. In particular, we will focus its induced differential structure. We will introduce the Wasserstein natural... Read More

Feb 27

Innovating Video Content Delivery on Commodity Mobile Devices: From Multi-path to Virtual Reality

Feng Qian
Assistant Professor

  Abstract: More and more users watch videos on their mobile devices. In Q4 2016, mobile videos have eventually surpassed desktop videos in terms of the online viewing time. In this talk, I describe two of my recent projects aiming at improving the performance and reducing the network... Read More