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Feb 3

AM Seminar: On the Geometry of Optimal Mass Transport: where Probability, Control, and Physics meet

Tryphon T. Georgiou

Abstract We will highlight the relevance of Monge-Kantorovich Optimal Mass Transport (OMT) in modeling energy dissipation in stochastic models of thermodynamic ensembles, and focus on quantifying the power that can be drawn from thermodynamic engines operating between two heat baths of unequal... Read More

Jan 30

2020 CITRIS Core Seed Funding Program Info Session

CITRIS Directors

CITRIS invites all UCSC PIs to form teams with researchers on other CITRIS campuses - UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Davis Health and UC Merced - to submit proposals for the 2020 Core Seed Funding Program. The funding is available for projects in line with the CITRIS mission to ... Read More

Jan 27

AM Seminar: How temporally autocorrelated fluctuations alter ecological outcomes

Sebastian Schreiber

Abstract All species experience temporal fluctuations in environmental conditions such as temperature, precipitation, resource availability or mortality risk. These fluctuations often are positively or negatively autocorrelated e.g. wetter years tending to be followed by wetter years, or seasons... Read More