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Mar 14

Mobile Actuator and Sensor Networks: from CPS to CHS

YangQuan Chen

Abstract: Robotics will continue to be a hot topic in many years to come in this “big data, cloud computing, machine learning, virtual reality age”. This talk starts by first introducing a new angle for emerging multi-robot control research opportunities - treating robots as a network of moving... Read More

Mar 14

Advancement: Robustness of an essentially nonlinear dynamo mechanism

Jacob B. Noone Wade
PhD Student (Advisor: Nic Brummell)

Abstract:  Through direct numerical simulations, we study the influence of turbulence on a novel essentially nonlinear dynamo (END) mechanism. This dynamo operates through the interaction of a velocity shear with magnetic buoyancy mitigated by secondary Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities. As... Read More

Mar 11

AM Seminar: Nonlocal Conservation Laws: Theory and Applications

Alexander Keimer
Postdoctoral researcher

Abstract We will introduce a rather new type of modeling with nonlocal conservation laws. The difference to "local" conservation laws stems from the fact that the velocity of the conservation law is not locally dependent on the solution but on a neighborhood at a given space-time point, realized... Read More