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Apr 22

AM Seminar: Hidden Physics Models. Machine Learning of Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations

Maziar Raissi

Abstract A grand challenge with great opportunities is to develop a coherent framework that enables blending conservation laws, physical principles, and/or phenomenological behaviors expressed by differential equations with the vast data sets available in many fields of engineering, science, and... Read More

Apr 15

AM Seminar: Data-driven modeling of stochastic systems using physics-aware deep learning

Paris Perdikaris
Assistant Professor

Abstract: We present a probabilistic deep learning methodology that enables the construction of predictive data-driven surrogates for stochastic systems. Leveraging recent advances in variational inference, we put forth a scalable computational framework for discovering surrogate models from... Read More

Apr 8

AM Seminar: Two-way coupled cloud-in-cell modeling of non-isothermal particle-laden flows at a "SPARSE" cost

Soren Henri Taverniers
Postdoctoral Fellow

Abstract Particle-laden flows are encountered in a broad range of natural problems and engineered systems. This includes geological sedimentation processes and pollutant dispersion in the atmosphere, but also high-speed gas environments such as volcanic eruptions, detonation of ... Read More