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Nov 27

Defense: Modeling of Biochemical States of DNA Replication using Hidden Markov Models

Matthew Simms
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Hongyun Wang and Herbert Lee)

Abstract:  In nanopore experiments, DNA replication facilitated by phi-29 DNA polymerase (DNAP) can be observed. The biochemical state of the DNA-DNAP complex was studied by setting the complex atop a alpha-hemolysin nanopore and applying an electric voltage. The movement of the DNA strand... Read More

Nov 26

AM Seminar: Optimal Control of Energy Systems in the Internet Era

Saeid Bashash
Assistant Professor

Abstract: Optimal management of large-scale energy systems has become an important research topic in recent years due to their great impacts on the economy, environment, and the climate. Energy management in buildings and the transportation sector has become of a particular interest to control... Read More

Nov 19

AM Seminar: Computational Optimal Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

Qi Gong

Abstract Optimal control problems with parameter and/or initial condition uncertainty have arisen in multiple recent applications, including motional planning, ensemble control, and optimal search. This talk will discuss tools for applying computational optimal control techniques to problems with... Read More