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May 6

AM Seminar: Observer-based feedback stabilization of thermal fluid flows

Weiwei Hu
Assistant Professor

Abstract In this talk, I will discuss the problem of feedback stabilization and control of thermal fluid flows subject to buoyancy forces. In particular, I will present recent results on stabilization of steady-state solutions to the Boussinesq equations in two-... Read More

May 2

CPSRC Seminar: Bridging the Gap Between Requirements and Model Analysis: Evaluation on Ten Cyber-Physical Challenge Problems

Anastasia Mavridou
Computer Scientist

  Abstract   We present a framework for introducing high-level requirement  specifications in the automated analysis of dataflow models.  By integrating the Formal Requirements Elicitation Tool (FRET) with  the CoCoSim analyzer, our framework enables the analysis of... Read More

Apr 29

AM Seminar: Uncertainty Quantification and Machine Learning of Physical Laws Hidden Behind Noisy Data

Guang Lin
Associate Professor

Abstract In this talk, I will present a new data-driven paradigm on how to quantify structural uncertainty (model-form uncertainty) and learn physical laws hidden behind noisy data in complex systems governed by partial differential equations (PDEs). The key idea is to identity and approximate... Read More