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Mar 18

AM Seminar: Randomized Algorithms for Convex and Non-convex Optimization

Mert Pilanci
Assistant Professor

Abstract With the advent of massive data sets, machine learning and information processing techniques are expected to bring transformative capabilities to a variety of fields.  However, existing algorithms often prove ineffective when scaled to extremely large datasets, especially in ... Read More

Mar 14

Mobile Actuator and Sensor Networks: from CPS to CHS

YangQuan Chen

Abstract: Robotics will continue to be a hot topic in many years to come in this “big data, cloud computing, machine learning, virtual reality age”. This talk starts by first introducing a new angle for emerging multi-robot control research opportunities - treating robots as a network of moving... Read More

Mar 14

Advancement: Robustness of an essentially nonlinear dynamo mechanism

Jacob B. Noone Wade
PhD Student (Advisor: Nic Brummell)

Abstract:  Through direct numerical simulations, we study the influence of turbulence on a novel essentially nonlinear dynamo (END) mechanism. This dynamo operates through the interaction of a velocity shear with magnetic buoyancy mitigated by secondary Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities. As... Read More