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Dec 11

Advancement: Data-driven reduced-order modeling for stochastic ODEs and PDEs

Catherine Brennan
PhD Student (Advisor: Daniele Venturi)

Abstract:  High-dimensional stochastic dynamical systems and PDEs arise naturally in many areas of engineering, physical sciences and mathematics. Whether it is a physical system being studied in a lab or an equation being solved on a computer, the full state of the system is often intractable... Read More

Dec 7

Defense: Two Degree of Freedom Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems with Parameter Uncertainty

Richard Shaffer
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Qi Gong)

Abstract:  Standard nonlinear optimal control relies on precise knowledge of parameter values which are difficult to measure in many practical applications. The result of which is that, when implementing the designed controls, there is likely some error between the desired state trajectories... Read More

Dec 3

AM Seminar: Equation-free approaches to ecosystem management

Steve Munch
Fisheries Ecologist

Abstract: Feedbacks among diverse components of marine ecosystems create implicit trade-offs between disparate ‘ecosystem services’ such as fishing, marine mammal conservation, and eco-tourism.  To facilitate quantitative approaches to balancing these trade-offs, numerous mechanistic models... Read More