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Apr 1

AM Seminar: Dimensionality reduction for sensor-actuator placement and forecasting

Krithika Manohar
Postdoctoral fellow

Abstract The increasingly high-dimensional data generated by complex systems presents a tremendous challenge for efficient prediction, estimation and control. Dimensionality reduction provides a powerful tool in the analysis of systems strictly governed by physical laws, and can uncover... Read More

Mar 21

CPSRC Seminar Series: Decentralized Control of Stochastic Dynamical Cyber-Physical Systems

Rahul Singh
Deep Learning Group Engineer

  Abstract Many important cyber-physical systems of great current interest are decentralized, consisting of many agents, and uncertainties. Designing decentralized control policies is a challenging task because it involves inducing coordination amongst the controllers without knowing all... Read More

Mar 18

AM Seminar: Randomized Algorithms for Convex and Non-convex Optimization

Mert Pilanci
Assistant Professor

Abstract With the advent of massive data sets, machine learning and information processing techniques are expected to bring transformative capabilities to a variety of fields.  However, existing algorithms often prove ineffective when scaled to extremely large datasets, especially in ... Read More