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Feb 19

Diverse Voices: Bethany Pagels-Minor

Bethany Pagels-Minor
Senior Engineering Program Manager

Bethany Pagels-Minor, Senior Engineering Program Manager at Apple, will be giving a talk titled "How to Find the Right Fit for You in Tech." Food will be provided. Register for the event at Bio: Bethany is an enthusiast for anything technology... Read More

Feb 11

Advancement: Wasserstein Gradient Flow for Stochastic Prediction and Control

Kenneth Caluya
PhD Student

Abstract: The need to predict, estimate and control density functions arise across engineering applications such as controlling biological and robotic swarms, vehicle guidance-control in uncertain dynamic environments, forecasting and demand response of loads in power systems, and active shaping of... Read More

Feb 10

AM Seminar: Decision Making and Control for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Subramanya Nageshrao
Research Engineer

Abstract Most of the industrial applications rely on classical model-free control, primarily PID. One of the major bottlenecks in using advanced learning-based methods (such as reinforcement learning) for controls is the lack of interpretability of the trained agent. In this talk, we present a... Read More