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Mar 9

AM Seminar: Winnowing with Gradient Descent

Manfred Warmuth
Professor Emeritus

Abstract The performance of multiplicative updates is typically logarithmic in the number of features when the targets are sparse. Strikingly, we show that the same property can also be achieved with gradient descent (GD) updates. We obtain this result by rewriting the non-negative weights w_{i}... Read More

Mar 2

AM Seminar: Towards developing computational methods for biological control

Marcella Gomez
Assistant Professor

Abstract In this talk, we refer to the achievement of an intended and predicted response in a biological system as controlling biology. Efforts towards controlling biology have evolved on different scales from controlling gene expression at the single-cell level to controlling large complex... Read More

Feb 24

AM Seminar: Efficient solvers and high-order finite element methods for next-generation supercomputers

Will Pazner
Sidney Fernbach Postdoctoral Fellow

Abstract Modern computer architectures favor the use of high-order discretizations for many problems. These methods feature high accuracy per degree of freedom and high arithmetic intensity, both of which are attractive properties for GPU-based supercomputers, such as LLNL's Sierra. However, the... Read More