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Apr 2

Joint AM-Math Seminar: Agreeing to Disagree in Anisotropic Crowds

Alexander Vladimirsky

Abstract:How do the choices made by individual pedestrians influence the large-scale crowd dynamics? What are the factors that slow them down and motivate them to seek detours? What happens when multiple crowds pursuing different targets interact with each other? We will consider how answers to... Read More

Apr 1

AM Seminar: Dimensionality reduction for sensor-actuator placement and forecasting

Krithika Manohar
Postdoctoral fellow

Abstract The increasingly high-dimensional data generated by complex systems presents a tremendous challenge for efficient prediction, estimation and control. Dimensionality reduction provides a powerful tool in the analysis of systems strictly governed by physical laws, and can uncover... Read More

Mar 21

CPSRC Seminar Series: Decentralized Control of Stochastic Dynamical Cyber-Physical Systems

Rahul Singh
Deep Learning Group Engineer

  Abstract Many important cyber-physical systems of great current interest are decentralized, consisting of many agents, and uncertainties. Designing decentralized control policies is a challenging task because it involves inducing coordination amongst the controllers without knowing all... Read More