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Jan 31

CROSS/CPSRC Seminar: Getting started with ROS and Gazebo

Louise Poubel
Software Engineer

Abstract In large part, the recent advancements in robotics have been made possible by open source tools. Open Robotics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, distribution, and adoption of open source software in robotics, supports two main projects — ROS (Robot Operating System)... Read More

Jan 28

AM Seminar: Continuous-time Dynamics for Accelerated Optimization

Walid Krichene

Abstract Optimization algorithms can be viewed as a discretization of a continuous-time process. This point of view can simplify analysis, lead to connections with physics, and streamline the design of new algorithms. We will review results from continuous-time optimization, with a focus on... Read More

Jan 24

CPSRC SEMINAR SERIES: Control of Distributed Energy Resources: PDES and Hopfield Methods

Scott Moura
Assistant Professor

Abstract Renewable energy integration and resilience to disasters motivate the need for flexible resources in electric power systems. Distributed energy resources (DERs), such as electric vehicles and thermostatically controlled loads, represent an intriguing set of distributed assets to provide... Read More