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Dec 4

Filtering as Gradient Descent

Abhishek Halder
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Abstract: Filtering, or dynamic state estimation, is a central problem in many areas of engineering including control, robotics, and signal processing. Historically, both the theory and algorithms for filtering have been developed from a transport or PDE viewpoint. While successful in many... Read More

Nov 27

AMS Seminar Series- Recent Approaches to Absolute Concentration Robustness

Matthew Johnston
Assistant Professor in Mathematics at San Jose State University

Title: Recent Approaches to Absolute Concentration Robustness   Abstract: It is important for biochemical signaling pathways to exhibit robustness in their outputs to fluctuations in the constituent signaling proteins. Mathematically, this phenomenon is captured by the notion of absolute... Read More

Nov 20

Effectiveness of the Influenza Vaccine

Carlos Dobkin

Abstract: Results from cohort studies, difference-in-differences designs, and RCTs of care home workers suggest that the influenza vaccine dramatically reduces hospitalizations and mortality amongst the elderly, and US and European policies prioritize vaccination of this at-risk age group. We... Read More