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Jan 27

Control of Large Scale Cyberphysical Systems

Abhishek Halder
Postdoctoral Research Associate Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abstract Consider the problem of controlling the temperatures of large population of homes by a service provider via smart thermostats over internet, or that of designing an automated traffic management system to integrate drones in the national airspace. Problems such as these exemplify modern... Read More

Jan 20

Overcoming Contextual Effects On Cell Signaling: A Control Theoretic Approach

Marcella Gomez
Postdoctoral Fellow in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Abstract Gene regulatory networks lie at the crux of life, from regulating concentration of enzymes that propel metabolic pathways to regulating concentration of proteins involved in high-level cellular decision-making.  Despite rapidly evolving tools in synthetic biology, our ability to... Read More

Dec 9

Advancement: Modeling of Biochemical States of DNA Replication using Bayesian Hidden Markov Models

Matthew Simms
PhD Student

Abstract: In nanopore experiments, DNA replication facilitated by ɸ29 DNA polymerase (DNAP) can be observed. The biochemical state of the DNA-DNAP complex was studied by setting the complex atop a α-hemolysin nanopore and applying an electric voltage. The engineered DNA strand was... Read More