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Mar 14

Bayesian Inference on Brain Connectivity Networks Based on Multiple Graphs

Marina Vannucci
Department of Statistics

Abstract: Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques, a common tool to measure neuronal activity by detecting blood flow changes, have experienced an explosive growth in the past years. Statistical methods play a crucial role in understanding and analyzing fMRI data. Bayesian... Read More

Mar 13

CANCELLED: Defense: Bayesian modeling of complex-valued fMRI signals

Cheng-Han Yu
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Detecting which voxels or brain regions are activated by an external stimulus is a common objective in functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) studies, however, most studies use magnitude-only fMRI data and discard the phase data. We consider a set of statistical models for detecting... Read More

Mar 12

Modelling Preference Data with the Wallenius Distribution

Fabrizio Leisen
Reader in Statistics

Abstract :  The Wallenius distribution is a generalisation of the Hypergeometric distribution where weights are assigned to balls of different colours. This naturally defines a model for ranking categories which can be used for classification purposes. Since, in general, the resulting... Read More