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Mar 16

Defense: Variable Selection and Spatial Models for Identifying Chemical Plumes in Hyperspectral Imagery

Nicole Mendoza
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Hyperspectral imaging is a remote sensing technique widely used in a variety of military and environmental applications. For example, hyperspectral images can be used to detect chemical plumes invisible to the human eye, and to identify their chemical structure. A hyperspectral... Read More

Mar 16

Advancement: Bayesian Methods for Time-Frequency Analysis of Univariate, Multiple and Multivariate Time Series

Wenjie Zhao
PhD Student

Abstract:  This proposal presents Bayesian methods for frequency and time-frequency analysis of univariate, multiple, and multivariate time-varying autoregressions. Our models and methods are motivated by the approach of lattice filter in partial autocorrelation domain of Yang et al. [2016].... Read More

Mar 16

Defense: Optimal Energy Slewing for Reaction Wheel Spacecraft

Harleigh Marsh
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Energy is a fundamental resource that effects every asset, system, and subsystem upon a spacecraft, from the attitude control system which orients the spacecraft, to the communication subsystem to link with ground stations, to the payloads which collect scientific data. For a... Read More