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Apr 3

AMS Seminar: Modeling and control of fluid flows using cluster-based reduced-order models

Eurika Kaiser
Postdoctoral Scholar

Abstract The tremendous advances in recent years in computing power, new sensors and infrastructures allow the collection and real-time access of massive amounts of data. The modeling and control effort of multi-scale, high-dimensional, nonlinear dynamical systems such as turbulent fluid flows is... Read More

Feb 28

BSOE Partner Recruiting Event

Recruitment Fair: Students are invited to stop by and talk to local employers about jobs and internships. Read More

Feb 13

ARIA Project: Automated Resource Inference and Allocation for MapReduce Environments

Lucy Cherkasova

Abstract Unstructured data is the largest and fastest growing portion of most enterprise's assets, often representing 70% to 80% of online data.  MapReduce and its open-source implementation Hadoop offer an efficient distributed computing platform for handling and mining petabytes of... Read More