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Feb 7

CPSRC Seminar: Observability of Dynamical Systems and Optimal Sensor Placement

Wei Kang

Abstract In this talk, I will introduce a quantitative measure of partial observability for dynamical systems. For problems with very high dimensions and big data sets, the concept and theory of partial observability are developed using a computational approach. The theory and numerical methods... Read More

Feb 4

AM Seminar: Discovery and Characterization of Novel Feedback Control Mechanisms in Synthetic Gene Networks: From Principled Models to Deep Learning

Enoch Yeung
Assistant Professor

Abstract Biological control is ever present in our world, from the complex nanoscale interactions of microbial consortia to macro-scale social dynamics of ecosystems. Populations of millions of cells within a palm-sized test-tube implement stochastic and massively parallel control strategies,... Read More

Jan 31

CROSS/CPSRC Seminar: Getting started with ROS and Gazebo

Louise Poubel
Software Engineer

Abstract In large part, the recent advancements in robotics have been made possible by open source tools. Open Robotics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, distribution, and adoption of open source software in robotics, supports two main projects — ROS (Robot Operating System)... Read More