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Mar 16

Defense: Optimal Energy Slewing for Reaction Wheel Spacecraft

Harleigh Marsh
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Energy is a fundamental resource that effects every asset, system, and subsystem upon a spacecraft, from the attitude control system which orients the spacecraft, to the communication subsystem to link with ground stations, to the payloads which collect scientific data. For a... Read More

Mar 14

Bayesian Inference on Brain Connectivity Networks Based on Multiple Graphs

Marina Vannucci
Department of Statistics

Abstract: Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques, a common tool to measure neuronal activity by detecting blood flow changes, have experienced an explosive growth in the past years. Statistical methods play a crucial role in understanding and analyzing fMRI data. Bayesian... Read More

Mar 13

CANCELLED: Defense: Bayesian modeling of complex-valued fMRI signals

Cheng-Han Yu
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Detecting which voxels or brain regions are activated by an external stimulus is a common objective in functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) studies, however, most studies use magnitude-only fMRI data and discard the phase data. We consider a set of statistical models for detecting... Read More