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Apr 7

Asymptotically efficient simulation of elliptic problems with small random forcing

Xiaoliang Wan

Abstract Recent rare-event simulations show that the large deviation principle (LDP) plays an important role both in theory and in simulation, for studying rare events induced by small noise. Practical challenges of applying this useful technique include minimizing the rate function numerically... Read More

Apr 3

AMS Seminar: Modeling and control of fluid flows using cluster-based reduced-order models

Eurika Kaiser
Postdoctoral Scholar

Abstract The tremendous advances in recent years in computing power, new sensors and infrastructures allow the collection and real-time access of massive amounts of data. The modeling and control effort of multi-scale, high-dimensional, nonlinear dynamical systems such as turbulent fluid flows is... Read More

Feb 28

BSOE Partner Recruiting Event

Recruitment Fair: Students are invited to stop by and talk to local employers about jobs and internships. Read More