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May 1

Tensor Response Regression and Application in Neuroimaging Analysis

Lexin Li

Abstract Aiming at abundant scientific and engineering data with not only high dimensionality but also complex structure, we study the regression problem with a multidimensional array (tensor) response and a vector predictor. Applications include, among others, comparing tensor images or brain... Read More

Apr 24

Simulations of splashing micro-scale droplets on a dry surface

Arnout Boelens

Abstract Emerging printing applications require control of the impact of ink droplets on surfaces at increasingly small length scales. At atmospheric pressure and at sufficiently large velocities, a familiar splash is produced when a droplet impacts a solid dry surface. However, counterintuitively... Read More

Apr 17

Studying the impact of rewards on multi-scale sensorimotor learning processes during a sequential joystick task

W. Meiring

Abstract When humans perform repeated movement tasks, recent motor learning models propose that sensorimotor learning occurs on multiple time scales, including both fast adaptive learning processes (with rapid changes of performance) and slow learning processes (with more gradual improvement).... Read More