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Feb 6

Densities and flows: a control perspective

Yongxin Chen

Abstract The study of densities and density flows is a rich area both theoretically and practically. Densities may describe the collective response of dynamical systems as well as the distribution of resources, image intensities, and so on, and are key in a wide range of applications. I will... Read More

Feb 3

Stochastic Adventures in Systems and Controls - CANCELLED

Behrouz Touri

Abstract In this talk, we visit two systems and controls problems with stochastic components. The first problem, relates to the control of safety critical autonomous systems. We provide a necessary and sufficient condition reachability result for an open and bounded safety set. In particular,... Read More

Jan 30

Distributional Uncertainty: From Quantification to Decision Making

Shuo Han

Abstract Stochastic phenomena are playing an increasingly important role in the analysis and design of modern engineering systems. However, these stochastic phenomena are often difficult to capture using parametric models. In this talk, I will discuss an alternative modeling approach by making use... Read More