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May 7

Diverse Voices: Data-Driven Diversity: High-Tech Industry's Best Return on Investment

Tara Hernandez
Sr Engineer

Tara Hernandez is a Senior Engineering Manager at Google. For more information and to register for this Zoom event, go to You will be mailed a link once your registration is received.    Read More

May 4

AM Seminar: Bayesian uncertainty quantification for particle-based simulations

Anastasios Matzavinos
Assistant Professor, Division of Applied Mathematics

Abstract: A number of problems of interest in applied mathematics and biology involve the quantification of uncertainty in computational and real-world models. A recent approach to Bayesian uncertainty quantification using transitional Markov chain Monte Carlo (TMCMC) is extremely parallelizable... Read More

Apr 20

AM Seminar / Treatment optimization to address acquired resistance and therapeutic failure during immunotherapy

Vanessa Jonsson
Assistant Research Professor,

Abstract: One of the challenges facing immunotherapy as a durable therapeutic approach for cancer is the development of acquired resistance: long term success in patients will depend on understanding the dynamics of host immunity, cancer and immunotherapy.  Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T... Read More