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Feb 25

AM Seminar: Adventures of A Computational Mathematician

Margot Gerritsen
Professor, Senior Associate Dean

Abstract One reason I love computational mathematics so very much is that it can be applied to a very wide range of natural and engineering processes. I've much enjoyed working in a variety of application areas, from sail design to pterosaur flight dynamics, from ocean dynamics to subsurface flow... Read More

Feb 15

CPSRC Seminar: Easy, Hard or Convex? The Role of Sparsity and Structure in Systems Theory

Mario Sznaier
Dennis Picard Trustee Professor

Abstract: Arguably, one of the hardest challenges faced now by the systems community stems from the exponential explosion in the availability of data, fueled by recent advances in sensing and actuation capabilities. Simply stated, classical techniques are ill equipped to handle very large volumes... Read More

Feb 11

AM Seminar: More Optimal Way to Optimize via Fractional Calculus Beyond Nesterov

YangQuan Chen

Abstract It is now more and more widely accepted that for iterative optimization, it is logical to ask "What is the optimal way to optimize?" Nesterov accelerated gradient method (AGM) is introduced first and then Michael I. Jordan’s ICM18 talk is briefly reviewed. We re-examine the iteration-axis... Read More