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Oct 21

AM Seminar: Cosmic Ray Feedback in Galaxies

Peng Oh

Abstract Cosmic Rays are energetic relativistic particles which are accelerated at shocks. They permeate our Galaxy and have a comparable energy density to the thermal gas. Even though they propagate at the speed of light, they are confined for much longer than the light crossing time, by... Read More

Oct 14

AM Seminar: Toward Large-scale Assimilative Models of Solar Magnetic Activity

William Abbett
Research Physicist and Senior Fellow

Abstract How magnetic energy and flux emerges from the turbulent convective interior of the Sun into the solar atmosphere is of great importance to a number of challenging problems in solar and heliospheric physics. With the wealth of data from space and ground-based observatories, it is evident... Read More

Oct 11

Advancement: A Deep Learning Framework for Optimal Feedback Control of High-Dimensional Nonlinear Systems

Tenavi Nakamura-Zimmerer
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Qi Gong)

Abstract: Computing optimal feedback controls for nonlinear dynamical systems generally requires numerically solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equations. This is notoriously difficult when the state dimension is large. Existing strategies for high-dimensional problems generally rely on... Read More