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May 13

AM Seminar: Data-driven modeling and model reduction for chaotic dynamical systems

Kevin Lin
Associate Professor

Abstract Nonlinear dynamic phenomena often require a large number of dynamical variables for their description, only a small fraction of which are of direct interest.  Reduced models using only these relevant variables can be very useful in such situations, both for... Read More

May 10

Data Science Day: Socially Responsible Data Science

Multiple Speakers

Join us for the UCSC 2019 Spring Data Science Day! This year’s focus is on responsible data science and data science for social good. Responsible data science requires fairness, interpretability, bias, explainability, privacy, accountability and more. And socially responsibility includes working... Read More

May 9

CPSRC Seminar Series - FRET: A Formal Requirements Elicitation Tool

Anastasia Mavridou
Computer Scientist

  Abstract Requirement formalization and verification tools are essential in designing safety-critical CPS and achieving a level of confidence in system correctness. In this talk, I present the FRET framework for the elicitation, formalization, and understanding of requirements. System... Read More