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Oct 5

AM seminar: Least-squares regression principle component analysis- a supervised dimension reduction method

Xin (Cindy) Yee
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Abstract: One of the major challenges of applying machine learning (ML) methods to scientific problems is the construction of a set of most relevant descriptors/inputs to the ML models. In this talk, I will discuss the implications of the curse of dimensionality. I will then provide an overview of... Read More

Aug 27

SciCAM M.S. Thesis Defense: Optimal Control of a Noncircular Wheel

Paul Wintz
SciCAM M.S. Student

Abstract: A model is developed of a non-circular wheel rolling on a road and colliding with a step. It is modeled as a hybrid dynamical system with a combination of continuous- and discrete-time dynamics. Input-output feedback linearization is used to design a controller to stabilize the wheel via... Read More

Aug 26

SciCAM M.S. Thesis Defense: Estimating a local source approximation for the ultraviolet background radiation in cosmological settings using Lambda Iteration

Tayler Quist
SciCAM M.S. Student

Abstract: After the epoch of reionization, Lyman continuum radiation permeate the university. Immediately after reionization (redshifts z~3-7), the influence of the cosmic Ultraviolet (UV) background on the Intergalactic Medium (IGM) and the Cricumgalactic Medium (CGM) is important to understand.... Read More