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Nov 25

AM Seminar: Oceanic Submesoscale Currents

James C. McWilliams

Abstract: This talk is a perspective on the recently discovered realm of submesoscale currents in the ocean.  They are intermediate-scale flow structures in the form of density fronts and filaments, topographic wakes, and persistent coherent vortices at the surface and throughout the... Read More

Nov 18

AM Seminar: Turbulent Mixing in Stellar Interiors

Pascale Garaud

Abstract The study of turbulent transport processes in geophysical flows (e.g. in the ocean, atmosphere, and engineering) has a long history, and is supported by both in-situ and laboratory experiments. By contrast, little is known about turbulence in stellar interiors, beyond the fact that  ... Read More

Nov 6

Advising Workshop: Navigating the SciCAM 4+1 Pathway Program

Theo-Alyce Gordon and Dr. Pascale Garaud

For undergraduate students majoring in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics (all concentrations), Robotics Engineering, and Physics (all concentrations): The Scientific Computing & Applied Mathematics 4+1 Pathway Program enables motivated UCSC... Read More