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Jan 13

AM Seminar: Model-based Data-driven Computational Optimal Control

Qi Gong

Abstract This talk presents some recent developments in computational optimal control using model-based data-driven approaches for both closed-loop and open-loop solutions. For optimal feedback (closed-loop) control, a machine learning method for solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equations... Read More

Jan 6

AM Seminar: Topology of the solar coronal magnetic field

Marc L. DeRosa
Staff Physicist

Abstract: The magnetic field of the solar corona is observed to continually evolve in response to ever-changing magnetic structures on the photospheric surface that are produced by the turbulent solar dynamo. The corona's continuous, quasi-steady evolution occurring most of the time is... Read More

Nov 25

AM Seminar: Oceanic Submesoscale Currents

James C. McWilliams

Abstract: This talk is a perspective on the recently discovered realm of submesoscale currents in the ocean.  They are intermediate-scale flow structures in the form of density fronts and filaments, topographic wakes, and persistent coherent vortices at the surface and throughout the... Read More