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Aug 11

SciCAM M.S. Thesis Defense: Graph Curvature for COVID-19 Network Risk Analytics

Qingyuan Cui
SciCAM M.S. Student

Abstract: Curvature of a smooth manifold is both intuitive and has been studied in differential geometry for a long time. However, the notion of curvature for metric spaces in general, and for graphs in particular, is a relatively recent idea. In 2015, graph Ricci curvature was introduced as a... Read More

Jul 20

Advancement: Approximate tensor-product preconditioners for line-based discontinuous Galerkin methods on modern computing architectures

Martin Rodriguez
PhD Student

Abstract: This work involves preconditioning linear systems arising from implicit time integration in discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods. We are particularly interested in developing methods well suited for modern computing architecture such as Summit and Sierra supercomputers at Oak Ridge... Read More

Jun 4

SciCAM M.S. Thesis Defense: Modeling and Prediction of Galvanotaxis Dynamics at the Single-cell Level with Machine Learning

Brett Sargent
SciCAM M.S. Student

Abstract: It has long been known that many types of cells migrate in response to naturally generated electric fields, and it has been suggested that the external application of an electric field may be used to intervene in and optimize natural processes such as wound healing. Precise cell guidance... Read More