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Aug 23

Defense: Dynamics of weakly non-Boussinesq convection, convective overshooting and magnetic field confinement in a spherical shell

Lydia Korre
PhD Candidate (Advisors: Nicholas Brummell & Pascale Garaud)

Abstract:  This doctoral work is motivated by the Sun and solar-type stars, which consist of an unstable convection zone (CZ) that lies on top of a stably stratified radiative zone (RZ). The dynamics occurring at the CZ-RZ interface are not well-understood, and yet they are known to play a... Read More

Jun 27

Advancement: Optimal control design using Kernelized Liouville methods

Panos Lambrianides
PhD Student

Abstract:  We introduce a new class of optimal control methods for uncertain systems. We use a solution to the Liouville probability conservation equation, arrived at utilizing the method of characteristics, to quantify the uncertainty in closed form. We show that a probability measure in... Read More

Jun 27

Advancement: A 5th Order Piecewise Cubic Method for FDM & FVM

Youngjun Lee
PhD Student

Abstract:  The high order interpolation and reconstruction schemes have become a major part of solving a discrete partial differential equation (PDE) efficiently. As discovered in the success stories of the piecewise parabolic method (PPM) and weighted essentially non-oscillatory (WENO) method... Read More