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BE-CDEI Bylaws

Baskin School of Engineering

Council on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Bylaws (approved May 1, 2019)

The charge of the Baskin School of Engineering Council on Diversity and Inclusion (BE-CDEI) is to review the history and practices of the school and to advise the Office of the Dean on approaches to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion for our students, faculty, and staff.


The BSOE Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reports directly to the dean.


Initially, each of the six academic departments will nominate one faculty member to serve on the Council. In addition, full-time staff will be invited to serve. The Council will be composed so as to include an odd number of voting members. Appointments to the Council are made by the dean.

After its initial meeting, the Council will seek student representation in a manner that it deems appropriate.

Ex officio members may be named by the dean for an indefinite period of service.

In the first year, faculty and staff will initially serve terms of 1 or 2 years, at the dean’s discretion. Subsequent appointments will be for 2 years. A mechanism for replacing Council members before their term has been completed will be proposed by the Council for review and approval by the dean.


The Council will meet at minimum once per month during the academic year. The Special Assistant to the Dean will chair the initial meeting, after which the Council will discuss whether to elect a chair and/or secretary. The chair will be responsible for convening meetings and preparing meeting agendas. Agendas will be made available to the Council at least one week prior to the meeting.


Members of the Council may cast one and only one vote. Two-thirds of the Council constitute a quorum. A simple majority is required for the passage of a motion. Abstentions are recorded as such, but are not included in the total number of votes cast to determine a majority.