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The Jack Baskin School of Engineering is known for interdisciplinary research and education centered in six departments:  Applied Mathematics, Biomolecular Engineering, Computational Media, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Statistics. Faculty from these departments collaborate on teaching and research activities, and collaborations can extend across campus and beyond, to other academic institutions and industry partners. These extended collaborations provide students with rich and diverse learning environments.

The Baskin School of Engineering offers ten undergraduate and sixteen graduate degrees, as well as five designated emphases.

Graduate programs provide exciting research and learning opportunities. Graduate students are mentored by one or more advisors and may participate in a number of interdisciplinary programs, including robotics, rehabilitative technology, sustainability engineering, bioengineering and bioinformatics, games and playable media, mathematics and statistical modeling, information and communication sciences, software and services engineering and more.

Undergraduate degree programs are administered through our Undergraduate Affairs Office, ensuring that students have adequate coaching throughout their academic tenure. Many of our undergraduate programs emphasize hands-on experience in research laboratories. Individual faculty members within the Baskin School of Engineering sponsor independent studies and senior thesis research projects, and students are often hired as laboratory staff.

UCSC provides a wide range of academic enrichment and support programs and other resources designed to enhance the educational experience of both undergraduate and graduate students.