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The following logos may only be used in connection with BSOE-related material.

Normal Baskin Logo

In 2018, the Baskin School of Engineering began using the standard UC Santa Cruz color palette in its artwork. Please use these BSOE logos on the web and in printed materials. 

Banner Baskin Logo


Normal Baskin Logo - White 

Banner Baskin Logo - White


Past logos

Normal Baskin Logo

Banner Baskin Logo


The CyberSlug

During the '92-'93 academic year, the CE/CIS undergraduates held a t-shirt design contest, and solicited designs from students under the direction of (the undergraduate student representative at the time) David Lavo.

Mike Welles, a graphic artist in Santa Cruz, submitted the design which was proudly emblazoned on the first batch of t-shirts shortly thereafter. Mike retains the copyright to the CyberSlug, but has given the Computer Engineering and Computer & Sciences Boards an exclusive and perpetual license to use the logo as it sees fit. Commercial or other use of the logo is disallowed.

In 1994, the local student chapter of the IEEE assumed stewardship of the logo and its use on behalf of the CE/CIS boards, and by this time the CyberSlug had become the de facto official logo of the Computer Engineering and Computer & Sciences Boards here at UC Santa Cruz.

Shortly thereafter, poorly scanned electronic depictions of the CyberSlug started appearing everywhere, including places where it doesn't belong. This sad state of affairs persisted until the CE/CIS World Wide Web Server was launched and members of the Image Processing and Multimedia Lab were enlisted to design high-quality electronic versions of the logo and related banners.

The IPMML frequently received requests for help designing new Cyber Slug logos and to provide access to our original artwork. To facilitate those who can or prefer to design their own logos, we are making our originals available to members of the BSOE community only.

Why just the BSOE? Because the CyberSlug is our logo. Banana-slug logos are nothing new around here, and various logos have been created to represent different parts of the UC Santa Cruz community, or more often, the UCSC campus community itself, but the CyberSlug was created explicitly for the purposes of advertising BSOE: students, faculty, staff, and labs. It's our unique emblem.

So please don't use the emblem to advertise generic online services at UC Santa Cruz.