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Directions to the Baskin School of Engineering


The Baskin Engineering Building is located in the North-West corner of UCSC, on Science Hill. Enter through the campus's main entrance at the intersection of Bay Drive and High Street.

Visitors and guests may purchase a temporary 1-Day permit from the Main Entrance Kiosk located on Coolidge Drive, between the hours of 7:00am and 1:00pm, Monday through Friday. From 1:00pm to 5:00pm all permits must be purchased at the TAPS Sales Office.

A map of both locations is available here.

Once you have secured your parking permit, proceed up Coolidge Drive straight through two traffic lights, and continue straight for a total of approximately 2.5 miles. You will pass through several stop signs until you come to the intersection with Heller Drive. Turn left on Heller drive and then immediately turn left into the parking structure.

A complete interactive UCSC campus map is available on the UCSC maps web site.


Once you arrive at the parking structure and find a parking spot, you should exit the parking garage on the East side, furthest away from where you entered the parking garage and turn left on Steinhart Way. Cross over McLaughlin Drive and proceed up the slight hill to Baskin Engineering.

Baskin Engineering or Engineering 2?

If your destination is Baskin Engineering, then you are looking for the large concrete building immediately at the top of the slight hill when walking from the parking structure. If your destination is Engineering 2, then you are looking for the large glass building directly behind Baskin Engineering.

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