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Baskin News Beat 2018

The Baskin News Beat is a new BSOE bulletin for sharing successes, anecdotes, insider information, goings on, and other information not generally communicated via other channels such as Tuesday Newsday and email announcements.

There are many good things happening here in the Baskin School of Engineering. I invite you to share your stories, successes and insider information with the BSOE community. Just email to at any time. 

Alexander L. Wolf, Dean

Baskin News Beat - December 2018




Three Baskin Engineering faculty are awarded $527,000 NSF grant for “TRIPODS+X:RES: Collaborative Research: Privacy-Preserving Genomic Data Analysis”

Abhradeep Guha Thakurta (Computer Science and Engineering), Dimitris Achlioptas (Computer Science and Engineering), and Russell Corbett-Detig (Biomolecular Engineering) are co-PIs on this project, which seeks to implement privacy protection for genomic data by making and leveraging statistical assumptions about the data. Read the abstract

Two Baskin Engineering faculty patents earn campus inventor recognition awards

Salt-Tolerant DNA Polymerases

David Bernick’s patent describes a method of artificially synthesizing DNA using a DNA polymerase enzyme that works in high salt conditions. View the patent

Distributed LC Resonant Tank Clock Tree Synthesis

Matthew Guthaus’ invention reduces power consumption, increases device performance, and lengthens battery life for many devices by design improvements to those chips. View the patent


J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves wins Best Paper Award for Implementing Correct and Efficient Collision in Multi-Hop Ad-Hoc Networks

The paper was selected from 66 papers accepted out of 228 submissions at the IEEE International Performance, Computing and Communications Conference in Orlando, Florida in November.

Sung Mo (Steve) Kang serves as co-general chair for the 2021 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)

The symposium will be held in Austin, TX. ISCAS is the flagship annual conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.


Baskin Engineering Instagram

The Communications Team has launched an Instagram account for the Baskin School of Engineering. Follow @UCSCEngineering to keep up with the latest happenings. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Humans of BSOE

The Humans of BSOE project features the students, faculty, staff and alumni of the Baskin School of Engineering. Through individual profiles, Humans of BSOE celebrates the individuality and diversity within the school. Profiles are shared on BSOE and campus social media, on the primary BSOE website, and on various other sites such as the new Graduate Studies website.

We invite you to nominate a student (undergraduate or graduate), alumnus/alumna, faculty member, researcher, and/or staff member by completing the HOBSOE submission form.

National Engineers Week

National Engineers Week is February 17-23, 2019. If your group, lab, or organization is planning an event to celebrate the occasion, we would like to hear about it so we can help promote it along with other events being planned.

If you're planning an event -- or would like to plan one -- please contact Lea Pittman (see below) at



Betsy Neuman, Research Analyst

Please join me in welcoming Betsy Neuman to the Baskin School of Engineering. Betsy has joined the Research Administration team as a new Research Analyst. She brings with her many years of fund accounting management experience. Her office is located in Baskin Engineering, Room 331.

Lea Pittman, Event Coordinator

Welcome, also, to Lea Pittman, Baskin School of Engineering Event Coordinator. Lea will be responsible for producing events and special programs, and will provide support in faculty recruitment. Before coming to UCSC, Lea worked as an event producer in the Bay Area. Her office is located in Engineering 2, Room 298K.

Danay Weldegabriel, EOP STEM Counselor for Engineering

Danay graduated with the class of 2018 with a Computer Science degree at Baskin School of Engineering. He is currently working as an EOP STEM Counselor, serving mainly engineering-focused students with academic planning and guidance and support. He works closely with the first cohort of Engineering Academy students through the Mesa Engineering Program (MEP).

Welcome new faculty!

I've welcomed our new faculty members in an announcement earlier this quarter, but here in one place is a list, with photographs, of all faculty members joining the Baskin School of Engineering this academic year: Baskin Engineering announces six new faculty. Welcome!


Assistant Dean Maureen McLean to retire

It is with regret that I must announce Assistant Dean Maureen McLean's plans to retire at the end of this academic term. Maureen has been a thoughtful and hard-working leader who will leave very large shoes to fill. Please join me in thanking her for her extraordinary service to the school, and wishing her every happiness and satisfaction in her retirement.

Kathy Beattie, Director of Academic Affairs, to retire

Kathy has also let me know that she intends to retire at the end of the calendar year. Please join me in thanking Kathy for her many years of incredible service to Baskin Engineering and UC Santa Cruz, and in wishing her a grand time with her new-found freedom.


Computational Media Ph.D. student featured in the 2018 XOXO Festival

Kate Compton presented “The Future is Baroque” at XOXO, an experimental festival for independent artists and creators who work on the internet. Find out more

UCSC iGEM Team featured in The Sentinel

Team members Jessica Scherer and Emily Mount, along with David Bernick, presented their iGEM project, a grow-at-home, progesterone producing yeast, at the “Women in Tech” event in early November. Read the article

Baskin Engineering undergrad named #1 Intern in the U.S.

Greg Wolff won the grand prize of Intern of the Year in WayUp’s “Intern 100 List.” WayUp cited Greg’s impressive resume, long list of accomplishments, and his motivation as reasons for naming him the top intern. Congratulations to Greg! Read more

Graduate Pedagogy Fellows run TA training program

Forty-four Baskin Engineering graduate students attended the Teaching Assistant training provided by the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL). Through the training program, TAs learn effective and equitable teaching practices.

Baskin Engineering Undergraduate Affairs hosts STEM Transfer Day

Eighty-seven attendees participated in the event for prospective transfer students who are interested in learning more about STEM at UC Santa Cruz.

NSBE holds conference at UC Santa Cruz

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) supports and promotes aspirations of students and technical professionals in engineering and technology. The NSBE Regional Conference was held on campus this month. UC Santa Cruz NSBE students also contributed to the Las Vegas Regional Conference.

UC Santa Cruz hosts student IEEE conference

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Earlier this quarter UCSC hosted the IEEE Central Area Meeting, with students coming from as far away as Hawaii to network and discuss strategies and events.


Robotics and Control Video

Take a look at this fantastic new video highlighting some of the amazing work our faculty are doing in robotics and control. Watch video

Lise Getoor to present Annual Faculty Research Lecture

February 26, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. Lise's talk, Responsible Data Science, will be the 53rd Annual Faculty Research Lecture. More information

UCSC hosts TRIPODS events

UCSC hosted the second annual PI meeting of the NSF Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) program at its Silicon Valley campus on October 23 and 24. The meeting, intended to help build community centered around the foundations of data science and share novel discoveries and developments, involved 89 participants, including 10 NSF program managers, division directors and deputy assistant directors.

The TRIPODS team also hosted a very successful two-day Privacy in Graphs (PiG) workshop, which brought together academics and industry professionals for a discussion of the current privacy issues faced in graph and network analysis. Among those in attendance was Google's Ulfar Erlingsson. More information

Graduate Student Affairs ramp up recruiting efforts

Tracie Tucker, Bri Lopez, Zia Isola, and Theo-Alyce Gordon of Graduate Student Affairs have attended a number of recruitment fairs:

* Grace Hopper Celebration (world's largest gathering of women technologists)

* UC Berkeley

* UC Merced

* San Francisco State University

* San Jose State University


* Bay Area Graduate Pathways to STEM (@Stanford U)

* UC Santa Cruz

* UC Davis

* UC San Diego

* Southern CA Diversity Forum in Graduate Education (U of San Diego)


* UC Riverside

* UC Santa Barbara

* UC Irvine

* ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students)

Thanks to all of you for your outstanding recruitment efforts!

UCSC joins GEM Consortium

GEM recruits high quality underrepresented students looking to pursue Master’s and Doctoral degrees in applied science and engineering, and matches their specific skills to the specific technical needs of GEM employer members. More information on GEM Consortium


UCSC Center for Research in Open Source Software joins new Ceph Foundation to Advance Open Source Storage

The Ceph storage system was developed by UC Santa Cruz alumnus Sage Weil, who turned his Computer Science Ph.D. thesis prototype into a highly successful open-source software project. Read more

UC Santa Cruz student-run CruzHacks revamps for its sixth year

Event aims to bring together 500 hackers of all backgrounds for a weekend of innovation. Read more

UC Santa Cruz Team Among Five Finalists for ‘Best Student Game Award’ at The Game Awards

Dash Quasar becomes a finalist for the prestigious The Game Awards. Read more

The Cyber-Physical Systems Research Center celebrates its first anniversary

To mark the occasion, Prof. Ricardo Sanfelice explained the essence of cyber-physical systems and the Center’s plans for the future. Read more

Student team creates Stumpjumper videogame for Specialized bicycle company

"Stumpjumper: The Videogame," developed by a team of UCSC game design students, was released October 11. Read more

Connecting UCSC Students with Industry to Launch STEM Careers

Eight talented University of California Santa Cruz students gathered in downtown Los Angeles in a step towards becoming the diverse leaders of tomorrow’s tech and engineering workforce. Read more

Engineering recognizes four 2018–2019 Dean’s Fellows

The Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz is proud to announce the inaugural cohort of Dean’s fellows. Read more

NIH grant funds development of a wayfinding app for the blind

Engineer Roberto Manduchi develops assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Read more

Paper introducing new optofluidic approach for detection of single viruses named Editor’s Pick by Optics Letters

Holger Schmidt and team demonstrate differentiated detection of single influenza viruses. Read more 

NSF funds UC Santa Cruz development of multifocus structured illumination microscope

Sara Abrahamsson will lead project to develop and deploy a new live imaging microscope for super-resolution 3D views. Read more

Local group funds four UC Santa Cruz cancer researchers

The Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group is continuing its support for cancer research at UC Santa Cruz with new grants. Read more

ARCS Foundation scholarships support UCSC graduate students

Thirteen UC Santa Cruz graduate students have received scholarships worth a total of $141,000 from the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation. Read more

New faculty to advance campus teaching, research

UC Santa Cruz is welcoming more than 35 new faculty members this year, bringing the campus total to 603. Read more


Baskin News Beat - September 2018


Research Roundup

  • Katia Obraczka co-authors book on Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs)

    The book, Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networks: Architecture, Protocols, and Applications, presents the fundamental principles that underlie DTNs, explains the state-of-the-art of DTNs and their architecture, protocols, and applications, and explores DTN’s future technological trends and applications.
    Read more

  • Peter Alvaro and Carlos Maltzahn receive $850,000 NSF grant for their research on data storage

    The project, Declarative Programmable Storage, will involve implementing declarative programmable storage to process large amounts of data and will allow users of distributed storage systems to focus on innovation within their own area of expertise rather than on storage system programming.
    Read more

  • Roberto Manduchi receives $1.1M NIH grant

    The award follows another recent R01 award on which Roberto is a co-investigator. The two grants support research on wayfinding for blind travelers.
    Read more

  • Sara Abrahamsson receives $700,000 NSF MRI grant

    With a grant from NSF, Sara and team will develop a new imaging system for live 3D super-resolution microscopy.
    Read more

  • Two BSOE faculty patents earn campus inventor recognition awards

    A patent by James Davis describes a method for making 3D TVs and movie screens viewable without special glasses, removing the double image visible when a viewer removes his or her glasses.
    View the patent

    Ricardo Sanfelice and Research Assistant Jun Chai invented a single phase DC/AC inverter that solves the problem of robustly converting highly varying DC power into desired AC power.
    View the patent

  • Toshishige Yamada collaborates with UC Davis and others

    Adjunct Professor Toshishige Yamada is collaborating with researchers from UC Davis and former HP and Bellcore scientists for new silicon based photodetectors with nanoholes. 
    Read an early publication here


  • Luca de Alfaro quoted in Science News article

    The article, People are bad at spotting fake news. Can computer programs do better? is about efforts to use artificial intelligence to identify “fake news.”
    Read the article

  • Private donor gives $150,000 in support of iGEM

    A private donor recently met with the UCSC iGEM team and was so impressed with David Bernick’s thoughtful leadership and with the students’ engineering ability and passion that he felt compelled to help fund current and future iGEM teams.
    Learn more

  • Roberto Manduchi wins Best Industry Paper award at the British Machine Vision Conference

    The paper, Automatic Semantic Content Removal by Learning to Neglect, introduces a new system for automatic image content removal and inpainting.
    Read the paper

  • Yu Zhang appointed Associate Editor

    Yu was nominated and appointed to the Conference Editorial Board of IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) as an Associate Editor in July 2018.

  • Yihsu Chen participates in climate change assessment

    Yihsu is part of a team assembled by Ruth Langridge from Social Sciences to put together the central coastal region report for California’s fourth climate change assessment.

Insider Information

  • Fall 2018 declared SIRs (admitted students who have indicated intent to register)

    1172 First-time freshman: up from 1056 in Fall 2017

    334 Transfer students: up from 307 in Fall 2017
    250 Graduate students: down from 267 in Fall 2017

    The table below shows how our numbers in various categories compare with national averages. 

    BSOE 22%   76%   2%   27%   69%   4%   25%   9%


    23%   77%   N/A   26%   74%   N/A    21%   6%

    * African-American/Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
    Preliminary data September 12, 2018 
    Source:  BSOE data from Data Ware House; national average data from ASEE (2017)

  • New graduate programs move forward in BSOE

    Two new BSOE graduate programs have been approved by the UC Coordinating Council on Graduate Affairs and will start admitting students this year. The Serious Games Professional M.S. program will be hosted in the Computational Media department and offered at the Silicon Valley campus. This five-quarter masters program will train students to develop games whose main goal is not to entertain, but to impact specific, measurable societal goals. The Statistical Science Ph.D./M.S. program will be hosted in the new Department of Statistics. The Ph.D. program will develop analytical and computational skills to build modern statistical models, implement them and communicate their results effectively to experts and non-experts. The M.S. program will emphasize the application of statistical models and methods to the solution of relevant scientific, technological and engineering problems, with the goal of preparing students for a professional career.

    In addition, the interdisciplinary Natural Language Processing Professional M.S. program, which is the result of a collaboration among Computer Science, Linguistics and Psychology faculty, has been approved by UCSC’s Graduate Council and has been submitted for review by the UC Coordinating Council on Graduate Affairs. Once approved, the program will be housed in the new Department of Computer Science and Engineering and offered at the Silicon Valley campus.

Comings and Goings

  • Liz Trask

    Liz has accepted a position with ITS in Scotts Valley. Her last day was July 11. Best of luck, Liz.

  • Hart Hancock

    Hart joined BSOE as the Divisional Liaison/Computer Director on August 13. He comes back to UC Santa Cruz from Cabrillo College where he served as Manager of Technology Services. Before that, Hart was the IT Operations Manager & Senior UNIX Engineer for University of California Observatories at UC Santa Cruz.

  • Kelly Keele

    Kelly Keele is the new Associate Director of Development for BSOE. Kelly joins us from Stanford University, where she has served as Assistant Director of Development Research for the last five years. Kelly will work from the Scotts Valley Center and will be responsible for engaging, cultivating, and soliciting alumni and friends throughout the greater Bay Area in support of Baskin Engineering priorities and opportunities.

  • James McGirk

    James will join the BSOE communications team on September 27. As a content specialist, James will be involved in various forms of communications for the school, both internal and external, helping to raise awareness of our research and education programs. James received a BA in Literature at Columbia University and a Master of Fine Arts in writing, also from Columbia. He has been a lecturer in Tulsa, a freelance writer, a project manager for WikiStrat, and editor and online producer for Columbia Law School's website. James has had bylines in Time and WIRED, among other publications.

  • Thuy Nguyen

    Thuy Nguyen joined the BSOE Academic Affairs team as the new planning and resource analyst. She recently graduated with a Masters of Education from CSU-Fresno in Curriculum and Instruction. Thuy has worked at the Office of Institutional Effectiveness as a research assistant at CSU-Fresno and as a data analyst for a mental health care program focused on children in the Bay Area. She will be providing analytical data support to all departments and units in BSOE related to students, courses, and degrees. 

Student News

  • Paper authored by computer science Ph.D. candidate wins best student paper award

    Computer science Ph.D. candidate Zayd Hammoudeh, along with Dimitris Achlioptas and Panos Theodoropoulos, received the award at the 21st International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing in Oxford, UK. The paper describes a new witness generation algorithm that is faster than current state-of-the-art witness generators by 10 to over 100,000 times.
    Read the paper

  • Undergrad Aviv Elor selected as UGSP Scholar

    Aviv Elor was selected by the Scientific Review Committee of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP) as a UGSP Scholar. Elor will be awarded educational and living expenses and employment with NIH.

  • Students in Sara Abrahamsson’s lab get hands-on nanofabrication experience

    The SaraLab kicked off their first summer of research with a lab trip to the UC Santa Barbara nanofabrication facility. Students were trained in nanofabrication methods for making their own diffractive optics devices. Their first optics devices will be installed in a one-of-a-kind prototype 3D imaging system for bioelectronics research.

Goings On

  • Steve Kang collaborates with European researchers

    Sung-Mo (Steve) Kang visited Technical University of München (TUM) for two months under the Alexander von Humboldt Award for Senior U.S. Scientists program and collaborated on research in microelectronics. During the visit he presented an invited talk at TUM and also visited Technical University of Dresden, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL) for research collaboration on memristive electronics.

  • Marco Rolandi organizes 3rd Asilomar Bioelectronics Symposium

    Marco organized the 3rd Asilomar Bioelectronics Symposium, held September 11-14.
    Learn more

  • Coursera MOOC on Cyber-physical systems attracts more than a thousand users

    Ricardo Sanfelice’s Cyber-physical Systems: Modeling and Simulation MOOC on Coursera has attracted 1,387 total learners (890 active). 

  • Something different for BSOE

    In the upcoming series Devs, a computer engineer investigates a cutting-edge tech company she believes is behind her boyfriend's disappearance. Part of Devs was filmed in the area around E2 earlier this summer.

Other News

  • BSOE supporter passes away, leaves in place co-op mentoring program

    Randy Russell, USGS IT Manager, passed away on August 26th from a long-term illness. Randy worked with Luca de Alfaro and Frank Howley to set up a "co-op" for supporting and mentoring BSOE students. This summer, four Baskin students worked in the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz. A heartfelt thanks to Randy for his dedication and enthusiasm in working with our students.


  • The Dean’s Transfer Student Welcome will be held on September 26 from 2:30-4:00 pm in the Engineering courtyard. This will be an opportunity for us to meet and interact with our new transfer students in an informal setting with light refreshments. The opportunity to meet faculty will be very exciting for our new students, and I hope you will be able to join us. If you plan to come, please send a note to Andrea Taylor (

Bears Repeating

  • Data science researchers to tackle privacy challenges in genomics

    Abhradeep Guha Thakurta, along with Dimitris Achlioptas and Russ Corbett-Detig, has won NSF funding to investigate ways to protect the privacy of individuals while allowing access to large genomic data sets.
    Read more

  • Peter Alvaro to work with eBay on Lineage-Driven Fault Injection project

    With funding from eBay, UC Santa Cruz professor Peter Alvaro aims to improve the resilience of distributed systems.
    Read more

  • UC Santa Cruz helps address massive data demands from Large Hadron Collider as part of $25 million NSF project

    Computer scientist Carlos Maltzahn will work with Princeton University on an NSF-funded project to establish the Institute for Research and Innovation in Software for High Energy Physics.
    Read more

  • Baskin Engineering researchers’ paper on dual detection of Zika virus biomarkers selected Biomedical Optics Express Editor’s Pick

    The recently published paper describes the design and implementation of an optofluidic detection method to identify multiple Zika virus biomarkers.
    Read more

  • Graduate student Juliana Hernandez does research, mentors high schoolers in SaraLab project

    Electrical engineering Ph.D. student Juliana Hernandez is working with Sara Abrahamsson and two high school student interns on a super-resolution microscopy project.
    Read more

  • No evidence of “hobbit” ancestry in genomes of Flores island pygmies

    The pygmy population near the cave where Homo floresiensis fossils were found appears to have evolved short stature independently from the mysterious ancient hominins.
    Read more

  • Devastating events can drive human trafficking, paper shows

    Researchers found an uptick in online ads for sexual services mentioning Jamaican and Caribbean ethnicities following a 2016 hurricane in the Caribbean.
    Read more

  • Baskin fellowship provides funding for student research

    Baskin School of Engineering graduate students Jordan Eizenga and Sutirtha Sengupta receive prestigious Jack Baskin and Peggy Downes-Baskin Fellowship. The fellowship will provide funding for their research in two distinct areas.
    Read more

  • Comic-Con panel features games program director Michael John

    Panelists discussed the upcoming release of a remastered version of the Spyro the Dragon series of videogames, which John worked on 20 years ago as a designer and producer.
    Read more

  • Computer engineer Chen Qian wins NSF CAREER Award

    NSF funding supports Qian's research on new memory-efficient and ultra-fast network algorithms and protocols.
    Read more

  • ISEE receives Presidential Award for excellence in STEM mentoring

    The UC Santa Cruz Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators has received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM).
    Read more

  • Corporate-sponsored projects give engineering students valuable experience

    UC Santa Cruz engineering students presented their senior design projects to mentors and faculty on Tuesday, June 5.
    Read more

  • Students work with NSBE to support minorities at BSOE

    By working with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Aitanna Parker, Betelhem Tarakegn, and Tolulope Familoni hope to offer support and resources to minority students at BSOE and beyond.
    Read more

  • Graduates mark new era, seek to improve world for all

    More than 3,200 students participated in graduation ceremonies in the colleges, Graduate Division, and Baskin School of Engineering.
    Read more

  • Biomolecular engineer Angela Brooks named Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences

    Brooks will receive a $300,000 award over four years to support her research on how mutations associated with cancer cause changes in gene expression.
    Read more

    Parting Shot 
    This photo from 1985 is of a faculty member who has just retired. Can you guess who it is? 


Baskin News Beat - June 2018

Research Roundup

  • Todd Lowe receives $2.7 million grant from NIH 

    The funding will support research that addresses a blind spot in understanding human genes. Todd's lab is internationally recognized for leadership in RNA research.
    Read more 

  • Marco Rolandi and Marcella Gomez receive $1 million funding from DARPA BTO

    The proposal, Bioelectronic Spatiotemporal Control of Stem Cell Fate and Tissue Patterning, was written in collaboration with Michael Levin from Boston University. 

  • Fast Company publishes article on Adam Smith’s research on generating new Mario levels with AI

    The article, The machines have taught themselves to make Mario levels, references “MarioGAN,” a project that shows how AI could create video games that adapt to skill level, and features quotes from Adam.
    Read the article


  • Angela Brooks wins 2018 Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Award

    The WiSE Award is part of the UC Santa Cruz Chancellor’s Achievement Awards for Diversity. Congratulations Angela!
    Read more

  • Owen Arden and Chen Qian awarded NSF CAREER grants

    Chen’s proposal, Othello Hashing and Its Applications to Scalable and Dynamic Network Forwarding and Functions, aims to use an innovative hashing scheme to improve network performance without specialized and expensive hardware. 
    Read more

    Arden’s proposal, Building Secure Decentralized Applications with Trusted Hardware and Blockchains, will explore a language-based approach to building inherently secure decentralized applications. 
    Read more

  • Two BSOE faculty members receive tenure

    Congratulations to Seshadhri Comandur and Dongwook Lee for receiving tenure this year.

  • Michael Oye recognized for bringing engineering to underserved elementary schools

    Oye received a Special Congressional Recognition award on April 25 on behalf of Zoe Lofgren, the U.S. Congresswoman representing the 19th U.S. Congressional District.

  • David Harrison wins UC Santa Cruz Excellence in Teaching Award

    The Excellence in Teaching Award honors UCSC instructors who have demonstrated exemplary and inspiring teaching. Instructors are nominated by students, and the final selection is made by the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching.

  • More Excellence in Teaching

    David Lee, Assistant Professor, and Avirudh Kaushik, Teaching Assistant, each received a Baskin School of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award for 2017-18.

  • Michael John quoted in EdSource article on educational video games

    Michael offered his input on how video games can be great educational tools in the article, A new venue for video games: K-12 classrooms.
    Read more

  • Lab tours and talks

    Thank you to faculty members who have volunteered to give lab tours and talks at STEM Transfer Day, Alumni Weekend and BSOE’s Graduation Celebration Open House: Sara Abrahamsson, David Haussler, Katherine Isbister, Daniel Kim, Sri Kurniawan, Benedict Paten, Ricardo Sanfelice, Holger Schmidt, Marco Rolandi, Mircea Teodorescu, Jim Whitehead and Ali Yanik.      

Insider Information

  • This year's graduation celebration speaker to be Christopher Seiwald 

    Seiwald is the founder and former CEO of Perforce and was the principal architect behind the company’s suite of innovative version management solutions.
    Read more

  • New Baskin School of Engineering brochures are available in room BE 335

    Stop by and pick some up for your next conference or recruitment activity. 

  • Communications Support website launches

    The Communications Support website offers guidance in publishing news and events on the BSOE website; videos, images, and logos for your use; past issues of the Baskin News Beat, and more. Have an event or class you’d like to advertise? Request a course or event flyer. You can also share your news stories through the site, find photoshoot help and photo release forms, and find us on social media.
    Visit the website

Comings and Goings

  • Denise Goss, Financial Analyst

    Denise joined BSOE as a financial analyst in the business office. She was born in Santa Cruz and has lived here all her life. She has been with UCSC for over six years in various positions related to finance and human resources. She has worked on and off campus for both staff and academic departments. Denise earned her BS degree online from Crown College in Minnesota. 

  • Karen Ruhleder, Research Development Specialist

    For the past four years, Karen served on the staff of the Graduate College at Illinois, where she taught proposal writing and worked one-on-one with graduate students applying for major fellowships. Her focus at BSOE will be on large grants, new faculty grants and training grants. She will also be available to assist individual faculty members, postdocs and graduate students to find funding opportunities and prepare proposals for submission.

  • Greta Hull, Undergraduate Advisor

    Greta joins the Baskin School of Engineering as an undergraduate advisor. Greta is a UCSC alumna with a degree in Bioengineering. She was also once a peer advisor for BSOE, and she knows all about our majors. She will be working with proposed majors and advising all majors. She is located in BE 225.

  • Angelina Gutierrez heads to UC Merced

    Angelina Gutierrez has taken a position at UC Merced as the executive assistant to the dean of the School of Natural Sciences, Elizabeth Dumont. Her last day at UC Santa Cruz was May 30th.

Faculty Recruitment Update

BSOE's 2017-18 recruitment cycle is wrapping up. Thank you once again to everyone who has contributed to this effort. As of today, the status for each position is as follows:  

  • Computer Science
    • Data Science - Assistant Professor - Yang Liu 
    • Distributed Systems - Assistant Professor - Lindsey Kuper
  • Computer Engineering
    • Hardware Acceleration - Assistant Professor - Scott Beamer
    • Cyber-physical Systems - Multi-rank - offer out
  • Computational Media
    • Serious Games - Assistant Professor - Edward Melcer
    • Games and Playable Media - Assistant Professor - offer out
    • Games and Playable Media - Teaching Professor - offer scheduled to go out in the next few days

Student & Alumni News

  • Inaugural cohort of the Graduate Pedagogy Fellowship Program graduates at the end of spring quarter

    Participants of the inaugural cohort include Jacob Noone Wade (AMS), Megan Boivin (CE), Suzanne da Camara (CS) and Lin Jim (EE).
    Read more

  • Cruz Foam article published in Forbes

    The article, Cruz Foam Made From Shrimp Shells Could Help Keep Beaches Clean, profiles Electrical Engineering grad student John Felts’ startup.
    Read more

  • Alumna Avani Wildani wins NSF CRII Award

    Avani completed her PhD in Computer Science, working with Ethan Miller. She is now an Assistant Professor at Emory University. Her winning NSF proposal is entitled Skeletor: Building a Platform for Quantitative Workload Characterization.
    Read more

  • Awards recognize outstanding commitment and academic achievements of BSOE’s students

    • Congratulations to Baskin Engineering ARCS and Piatt Fellowship Awardees

      Alexey Munishkin, Computer Engineering, was awarded the 2018-19 Henry and Vera Piatt Fellowship.

      Three students from BSOE received 2018-19 ARCS Foundation Fellowships. Congratulations to these students and their advisors!

      - Charles Cole, Biomolecular Engineering; Advisor: Chris Vollmers

      - Dawn Hustig Scholtz, Computer Engineering; Advisor: Ricardo Sanfelice

      - Jared Duval, Computer Science; Advisor: Sri Kurniwan

    • Two BSOE grad students receive 2018 Graduate Research Symposium Awards

      Michael Lavell, Statistics and Applied Mathematics PhD student, and John Selberg, Electrical Engineering student, each won an award at the Symposium.
      Read more

    • Six BSOE students receive Dissertation Year Fellowships

      Dissertation Year Fellowships are state-funded, merit-based fellowships awarded to doctoral graduates who have overcome obstacles to achieve a college education.
      Read more

    • 33 undergraduates receive Dean’s and Chancellor’s Awards

      Dean’s and Chancellor’s Awards recognize undergraduate students for scholarship and creativity. This year, we honored a number of projects spanning an extraordinary array of areas, from point-of-care diagnostic technology to an indoor autonomous navigation system prototype for wheelchairs. All of the winning projects are impressive in their creativity and in their potential to have positive social impact. Because the list of winning projects is so impressive, I want to share them with the BSOE community:

      Automatized Surface Functionalization for Diagnostic System

      • Eduardo Hirata Miyasaki
      • Aditya Anantha Narayan Gumparthi
      • Ali M E Kh H Aljuraidan

      Bugs without Borders

      • Pratibha Jagannatha
      • Thuy-Khanh Tran-Dao
      • Tyler Dylan Myer
      • Alexander Bryant Pearce 
      • Brittney Dalleen Wick 
      • Casidee Frances McDonough 
      • Daniel Martin Schmelter 
      • Evan Alec Pepper-Tunick
      • Jethro Mitchell Marasigan 
      • Marissa Victoria Taub 
      • Mark Christian Lund
      • Mckenna Hicks 
      • Sara Medor 
      • Thomas Miranda Sousa 

      CNNs on FPGAs for Track Reconstruction

      • Thomas D Boser 

      Designing an EMG Controlled Assistive Glove for Stroke Survivors

      • Margaret A Pearce 

      Elucidating the relationship between Wnt and AR pathways in Prostate basal cells during Homeostasis

      • Alexander Kenneth Zee

      Indoor Autonomous Navigation System

      • Daniel Cornelius Hunter 
      • Kelvin Chau Silva
      • Kevin Antonio Beher 
      • Kyle Stokes Ebding 
      • Juan Cristian Huerta 

      Sources of HIV-1 Mutations During Infection

      • Jimmy Chan 

      Electrospatial Analog Front End for Monitoring of Cerebral Organoids

      • Henry Julian Hinton 

      Exploring Transposable Elements Regulated by ZNF649

      • Joshua S. Gu

      Sequencing and Assembly of Varroa Destructor Genome

      • Blaise Arman Nasri
      • Aisling Lorraine O'Farrell
      • Juan Carlos Perez 
      • Adam Lamine Zoubeidi
      • Samuel Robert Royle
    • Joshua Gu wins Steck Family Award

      From among the Dean’s and Chancellor’s Award winners, a single student is selected to receive the Steck Family Award for the most outstanding research project by an undergraduate student. This year, Joshua Gu, a BME student, received this prestigious award for his project, Exploring Transposable Elements Regulated by ZNF649.

    • A complete list of awards and awardees can be found on the undergraduate awards and scholarships page.

Other Goings On

  • Partners' Day 2018 

    I’m happy to report that Partners’ Day was a huge success this year. The student presentations and posters were outstanding, and eight out of nine companies who sponsored the Corporate Sponsored Senior Projects Program (CSSPP) attended the event. This year’s corporate sponsors were Amazon, Atollogy, Kateeva, Mira Bella Energy, Nanometrics, Nevro, Oracle, Seagate and Topcon. Many thanks to everyone who made it happen: Pat Mantey, Gabe Elkaim, Tela Favaloro, Stephen Peterson, Richard Jullig, David Munday, Rob Curry, Frank Howley, Angel Dominguez, Kelsey Detwiler and all of the students and sponors.

  • Steve Kang spoke on Data Science and Memristive Electronics in Washington, DC and New Jersey

    Steve visited and gave invited talks on Data Science and Memristive Electronics at the Department of Defense's Mark Center in Alexandria, VA, and at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research in Washington, DC. He also gave an invited talk on Memristive Electronics at Rowan University in New Jersey.

  • CM faculty members Michael Mateas and Noah Wardrip-Fruin both have projects represented in the Center Pompidou

    The Center Pompidou’s exhibition — "Mutation creation 2 / code the world" —  is on code in arts and media and runs from June 15 to August 27.
    Read more

  • Sammy Showcase featured student games

    Sammy Showcase, the annual festival of games created at UC Santa Cruz, took place on Saturday, June 9, at the Silicon Valley Center building. The festival featured research and game design presentations from faculty and graduate students, plus the Sammy Awards ceremony.
    Read more

Bears Repeating

  • Commencement Stories: Rachel Doran

    Rachel Doran is a Ph.D. candidate in the graduate program in biomedical sciences and engineering, working on HIV immunogens. She has won a Graduate Research Symposium award for her presentation on “From armor to Achilles heel: Targeting the glycan shield of HIV in novel vaccine strategies".
    Read more

  • Commencement Stories: Henry Hinton

    Henry Hinton graduating with a bioengineering degree from the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz, will be attending Harvard University for his electrical engineering Ph.D. in the fall.
    Read more

  • Genes found only in humans influence brain size

    A set of three nearly identical genes found only in humans appear to play a critical role in the development of our large brains, according to a study led by UCSC researchers.
    Read more

  • Baskin Engineering welcomes fifth graders to campus

    Over 100 students from Westlake Elementary School toured the science and engineering labs learned about electron microscopy, and saw a demonstration of technology on everyday objects.
    Read more 

  • Transfer RNA research addresses a blind spot in understanding of human genes

    Biomolecular engineer Todd Lowe has received a $2.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to support his lab’s international leadership in RNA research.
    Read more 

  • Leaving their mark, inspiring others

    This year's Distinguished Graduate Student Alumni honorees are making their mark on the world. During Alumni Weekend, they came back to campus to inspire a new generation of scholars at a career panel.
    Read more



Baskin News Beat - April 2018

In Memoriam Joel Kubby

With great sadness, I shared the news of Joel Kubby's passing last week. If you missed the note, or would like to read again the wonderful memories some of his colleagues shared, please click here.  

Joel Kubby with Interns


Research Roundup

  • Carlos Maltzahn collaborates on winning $1,000,000 proposal to the NSF
    The goal of the project, Data Center Scale Programmable Storage, is to rethink storage system services and interfaces for future applications. Carlos and his collaborators will work on storage systems that are more extensible, can evolve to accommodate memory technologies that fundamentally alter the storage interface, and will take greater advantage of the state of modern high performance networking.
    Read more
  • Science Discoveries publishes summary of Holger Schmidt’s paper on optofluidics 
    Optofluidic Bioanalysis: Fundamentals and Applications, co-authored by Holger Schmidt, reviews optofluidic research, emphasizing applications in bioanalysis.

    Read the summary
    Read the paper

  • Advanced Materials publishes summary of soft robot research findings co-authored by Michael Wehner
    Michael and his fellow researchers from Harvard University have developed a platform for creating soft robots that can detect and respond to movement, pressure, touch, and temperature. In the article, New Soft Robots Can Sense World Around Them, Michael comments on what this research means for the future of soft robots.
    Read the full article
    Read a summary
  • Rebecca Dubois is recognized for her work on difficult-to-treat respiratory virus
    New findings provide structural insights that may advance the development of new vaccines for the virus.
    Watch the video on Science Immunology
    Read the article


  • Marc Mangel elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    Marc is recognized internationally for his contributions in mathematical biology, bringing the tools of mathematics and theoretical biology to bear on practical problems in conservation and fisheries management. 
    Read more
  • J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves named director of CITRIS UC Santa Cruz
    J.J. will join CITRIS as the Director of CITRIS UC Santa Cruz effective July 1, 2018.
    Read more
  • Marilyn Walker featured in Santa Cruz Works article
    In the article, Conversations with Robots: UCSC’s Marilyn Walker on the Future of AI, Marilyn touches upon the use of robots for both good and evil, and the challenges and opportunities that come with UCSC’s close proximity to Silicon Valley.
    Read the article
  • Bob Vitale appointed to the Information and Research Committee of PCAPPA
    The appointment, effective January 1, 2018, recognizes Bob’s valuable skills as Director of Laboratories and Facilities, and will see him working with the Pacific Coast chapter of APPA on strategic objectives, and programs, activities, and events to successfully accomplish these objectives. 
    Visit the PCAPPA website
  • Katherine Isbister quoted in Wall Street Journal fitness-data article
    The article, The Fitness-Data Revolution is Just Getting Started, features a quote from Katherine about how to make exercise more engaging.
    Read the article
    Download the PDF
  • Noah Wardrip-Fruin named a HEVGA fellow
    The Higher Education Video Game Alliance Fellows Program recognizes senior scholars in the games industry who have made significant contribution to the field. 
    Visit the HEVGA Fellows Program webpage
  • Randal Burns to be honored as BSOE Distinguished Graduate Alumnus
    Burns, who earned his PhD and MS degrees from the Computer Science department under the supervision of Professor Darrell Long, is now a Professor of Computer Science in the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. He will be honored at Alumni Weekend in April.
    Read more
  • Games and Playable Media masters win Innovation Award
    Congratulations to the Games and Playable Media masters Ctrl-Shift Team and their mentors Michael John and Erin Robinson Swink for winning the Innovation Award at the 2018 Intel University Games Showcase. They were selected from a large field of games representing the top games programs from across the U.S.
  • Angela Brooks Wins Hellman Fellowship 2018-19
    The Hellman Fellows Fund supports junior faculty research on the ten campuses of the UC system and at four private institutions. Angela will use the fellowship to fund her project, "Novel therapeutic targets in lung cancer from genes with altered mRNA splicing."
  • UC Santa Cruz tops the list -- by a large margin -- of institutions doing games research
    Universities and other institutions were ranked by activity over the past 10 years in publishing at conferences and journals dedicated to games and interactive entertainment research within the field of computing (AI, HCI, graphics, etc.)
    Read more


  • Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) selected for 2018 Google Summer of Code
    The Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) was selected to be a mentor organization for the 2018 Google Summer of Code (GSoC). GSoC efforts align closely with CROSS's mission of being a cradle for successful OSS projects and cultivating the next generation of OSS leadership. CROSS welcomes interested UCSC faculty or PhD students who would like to be GSoC mentors to contact us. Students accepted into the program are paired with mentors to gain exposure to real-world software development. This is an exciting opportunity to cultivate the next generation of OSS leadership. 
    Learn more
  • Another successful Giving Day raises funds for 17 BSOE projects
    Congratulations to Formula Slug, UCSC’s Formula SAE Team, for raising $17,259 from 307 individual donors, winning 4th place for projects with the largest amount of donors and 7th place for largest amount of money raised. Formula Slug also won the first prize of $5,000 in the Slug Surprise Challenge, as well as winning the runner up prize of $2,500 in the Mad Dash Challenge.

    The Clean Water for Cameroon project from Engineers Without Borders raised $9,399, taking 6th place for number of donors (225). They also received the runner-up prize of $1,000 for the Mid-day Motivator Challenge. Slugbotics-UCSC’s Marine Robotics Team raised $7,750 from 125 donors, winning 10th place for most donors.

    Here's how the other Engineering projects fared:

    • Girls in Engineering raised $5,340 with 30 supporters.
    • Student-Led Cancer Research Projects raised $5,115 with 34 supporters.
    • WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) raised $4,235 with 69 supporters.
    • Rocket Team at UCSC raised $3,660 with 113 supporters.
    • UCSC IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) raised $3,191 with 37 supporters.
    • Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative raised $3,081 with 23 supporters.
    • The National Society of Black Engineers raised $1,780 with 23 supporters.
    • Slug Gaming raised $1,125 with 11 supporters
    • The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers raised $1,080 with 25 supporters. 
    • The Society of Women Engineers raised $1,020 with 16 supporters.
    • The Association for Computing Machinery Women raised $365 with 6 supporters.
    • Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Diversity Fellowships raised $212 with 7 supporters.
    • UCSC Hackathon raised $185 with 7 supporters.
    • UCSC IEEE Hack-Y-Thon raised $150 with 6 supporters.

      Please consider supporting one or more teams next year!  
      Learn more

Insider Information

  • UCSC eligible as a Minority Serving Institution
    UC Santa Cruz is officially recognized as an Hispanic Serving Institution, which opens up various funding opportunities meant to serve underrepresented students.
    Learn more and download the letter
  • BSOE to sponsor the 2018 Santa Cruz County Mountain Challenge
    Organized by the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club, the bike ride will take place on July 21. In exchange for offering up the start and finish venue, BSOE will receive recognition on the SCCCC website sponsor page and promotional materials. They are also offering up to 10 free registrations. If you are interested in participating in this event, send an email to
    Read more

Comings and Goings

  • Kelsey Detwiler, Development Assistant
    Kelsey grew up in Philadelphia and has been migrating west ever since. She came to California two years ago as a transfer student to UC Santa Cruz, where she worked as a Research Assistant and the Online Course Development Assistant for Online Education, and graduated with a BA in Anthropology.
  • Erin Foley, Communications Assistant
    The Baskin School of Engineering is building capacity in the area of communications so that we can raise awareness of the school and the important work that our faculty members, students and researchers are doing. Erin Foley will participate in all types of communications, including news stories, social media, web presence, newsletters, internal communications, case studies, print collateral, and more. Erin holds a BA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz. She reports to Karyn Skemp, Communications Director, and sits in BE-320.
  • Theo-Alyce Gordon, Computational Media Department Graduate Student Advisor
    Theo-Alyce will be advising students in the Computational Media MS & PhD programs, the Games and Playable Media MS program, and the Serious Games MS program (coming soon). She brings to BSOE her experience advising international students at UCSC’s Global Engagement Office. 
  • Alicia Haley, Computer Science Graduate Student Advisor
    Alicia joined BSOE after spending the last three years as an International Student & Scholar Advisor with the Global Engagement Office at UCSC. She holds an MA in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute and brings with her seven years of advising experience. We look forward to her contribution of knowledge and understanding of international student matters. 
  • Andrea Malinowski, Executive Assistant to the Dean
    Andrea grew up in Las Vegas and moved to Santa Cruz just seven months ago. She has worked as an Executive Assistant for almost 10 years for a variety of companies including Budweiser, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Canepa, Inc. 
  • Sarah Puhl, Academic Personnel/Payroll Analyst
    Sara brings 12 years of institutional knowledge from her many administrative roles at the University Library including business services, academic personnel, timekeeping, and other payroll related activities. She joined the Baskin team on January 16, 2018. 
  • Karen Ruhleder, Research Development Specialist
    I’m very happy to announce that the Baskin School of Engineering and the Office of Research have jointly hired a new Research Development Specialist, Karen Ruhleder. While her main focus will be on large, multi-PI grants, Karen will be available to assist faculty members, postdocs and graduate students with finding funding opportunities and preparing proposals. Her start date is May 14, 2018. Additional details to follow.
  • Mel Scanagatta-Academic Personnel/Payroll Analyst
    Mel has more than 20 years of experience in personnel management in private industry, working in academic payroll on campus for the last year. She will be supporting the departments of Biomolecular Engineering (BME), Computer Engineering (CE) and Technology Management (TM). Mel joined the Baskin team on March 26, 2018.
  • Tim Gustafson
    Tim and his family are moving to Sweden for Tim’s new position as Public Sector Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services’ Nordic region. His last day was April 13th. Tim spent more than ten years at BSOE and will be missed. We wish him all the best in his new position and location.

Faculty Recruitment

BSOE is winding up recruitments for eight faculty positions. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this year's effort, which includes the following positions:

  • Computer Science
    • Data Science - Assistant Professor x 2
    • Distributed Systems - Assistant Professor
  • Computer Engineering
    • Hardware Acceleration - Assistant Professor
    • Cyber-physical Systems - Multi-rank
  • Computational Media
    • Serious Games - Assistant Professor
    • Games and Playable Media - Assistant Professor
    • Games and Playable Media - Teaching Professor

Student News

  • Computational Media PhD student James Ryan’s “Infinite Podcast” featured in The Verge
    Ryan’s Sheldon County podcast will never sound the same twice, creating a completely new story for each listender. In the article, What an ‘Infinite’ AI-generated podcast can tell us about the future of entertainment, James discusses his vision for the podcast and the future of generative media.
    Read the article
  • MEP student awarded Barry Goldwater Scholarship
    Aviv Elor was awarded the prestigious scholarship, given to a single applicant per institution. Aviv plans to earn a PhD in Computer Engineering and eventually teach at the university level and conduct research on assistive technologies to improve the health of people and communities. 
    Read more

Bears Repeating

  • UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute Head Joins Ambitious Project To Sequence Earth’s Life
    Professor David Haussler has joined forces with an international consortium of scientists, proposing the largest genome sequencing project to date: sequencing the DNA of each known complex life form on Earth.
    Read more

  • New "Pan-Cancer" Analysis Reveals the Common Roots of Different Cancers
    In the largest study of its kind, cancer researchers analyzed and classified more than 10,000 tumors from 33 cancer types to trace connections between different cancers.
    Read more
  • UC Santa Cruz Graduate Programs Rank Among Best in Nation in U.S. News Survey
    The Computer Science Graduate Program ranked 58th and the Engineering Graduate Program ranked 86th.
    Read More
  • Silicon Valley Campus continues to grow with launching of Serious Games master’s program
    Eighteen months after opening, the UCSC Silicon Valley Campus has plenty of new programs in store, including a master’s program in Serious Games that will launch this fall.
    Read More
  • Electrical Engineering grad student John Felts “Innovator of the Year” at local awards show
    Felts, CEO and co-founder of Cruz Foam, was honored at the 2018 NEXTies at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz.
    Read More
  • UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute Receives Funding For Human Cell Atlas Projects
    The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) has announced funding for three new projects at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute to support the Human Cell Atlas, a global effort to map every type of cell in the healthy human body as a resource for studies of health and disease.
    Read more

  • UCSC Ranked Among Top Schools For Game Design
    As in past years, UC Santa Cruz is featured on Princeton Review’s 2018 lists for top undergraduate and graduate programs in game design.
    Read More
  • Antigen Study Supports New Approach to Vaccine for Respiratory Synctyial Virus
    Assistant professor of biomolecular engineering Rebecca Dubois has published new findings that point to a promising route for designing an effective vaccine for RSV.
    Read More


Baskin News Beat - February 2018

Research Roundup     

  • Dimitris Achlioptas collaborates on winning $800,000 proposal to the NSF
    The goal of the project, Efficient High-Dimensional Integration using Error-Correcting Codes, is to develop algorithms that make integrating high-dimensional functions tractable. Primary applications of the research are in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    Read more      
  • Yu Zhang imagines the future in New York Academy of Sciences magazine article
    In the article, Zhang discusses the coming revolution in smart electric power.
    Read the article      
  • Paper co-authored by Ike Nassi appears in the IEEE Computer Society magazine
    The paper, Revisiting Scalable Coherent Shared Memory, presents a software-defined server architecture that is a scale-up shared-memory multiprocessor, yet uses ubiquitous commodity scale-out clusters. 
    Read the article           



  • Raquel Prado elected president of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis
    The appointment, effective January 1, 2018, recognizes Raquel's leadership in the field. Her research interests are in Bayesian time series modeling and statistical models and methods for brain data. Congratulations Raquel!
    Visit the ISBA leadership page      
  • Darrell Long appointed first Editor-in-Chief of the new IEEE Letters of the Computer Society
    This is well-earned recognition of the depth and breadth of Darrell's expertise in data storage systems and computer security. Congratulations Darrell!
    Read more      
  • Paper by J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves among top 3 at MSWIM
    The paper, Carrier-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance and Detection, was among the three best papers (out of 145 submitted) at the 20th ACM International Conference on Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems.
    Read the paper      
  • Ricardo Sanfelice creates Cyber-physical Systems course on Coursera
    The course, CPS: Modeling and Simulation, provides an introduction to modeling and simulation of cyber-physical systems.
    Read more      
  • Katherine Isbister's book "How Games Move Us" is highlighted in Nature
    The book landed in Nature's Highlights of this season's releases. Impressive reach.
    Read more            
  • Congratulations Baskin School of Engineering patent awardees
    Awardees include Matthew Guthaus, Riadul Islam, Phillip Berman, Sara O'Rourke, William Scott, Kate Mesa, Bin Yu, David Munday, Holger Schmidt, David Haussler, Joel Kubby, Xiaodong Tao, Nader Pourmand, Mark Akeson and Ed Green.
    Visit the patent page             


Student Scoop         

  • 5 MEP students win Slug Tank competition for innovative business ideas
    Winning pitches of these MEP students include Frequen-sees, an object-sensing device for blind users, and RealTime, a social network app that connects college students.
    Read more      
  • Former PhD computer science student is recognized with Best Paper Honorable Mention
    A paper by former PhD student Rajan Vaish received Best Paper Honorable Mention at the recent ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST). The paper, Crowd Research: Open and Scalable University Laboratories, was a result of Vaish's dissertation research with then advisor James Davis in the computer science department. The work was also featured in a news article from Stanford University, where Vaish landed a post-doctoral position after completing his PhD at UC Santa Cruz.
    Read the paper
    Read the Stanford University article      
  • Paper by PhD student Sharmistha Guha wins two competitions
    Bayesian Regression with Undirected Network Predictors with an Application to Brain Connectome Data, was recognized by both the International Indian Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association Section on Bayesian Statistical Science. Guha is a graduate student in Applied Mathematics & Statistics. 
    Read the paper      
  • Student game "Phantom Jump" from Game Design Studio course is picked up by Steam
    Phantom Jump was released commercially on Steam's entertainment platform. The game is a skill-based platformer with rhythm mechanics.
    Read more      
  • 4 Baskin Engineering graduate students take part in inaugural Graduate Pedagogy Fellows program
    Megan Boivin (CE), Suzanne da Camara (CS), Lin Jin (EE) and Jacob Noone Wade (AMS) are among the first 18 students to participate in the Teaching Assistant Training program from the UCSC Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL).
    Read more      
  • The Masters of Gaming: BSOE creates the next generation of video game designers
    UC Santa Cruz's Games and Playable Media Graduate Program is featured in this video from Waypoint.
    Watch the video             



  • Baskin Engineering participates in augmented and virtual reality panel
    BSOE was well-represented in this discussion on technology and market considerations of augmented and virtual reality. 
    Watch the video highlights
    Visit event page

  • The Kraw Lecture Series on Science and Technology highlights BSOE innovators
    Holger Schmidt, Nader Pourmand and Ed Green gave "lightning talks" at this event, which I co-hosted with Assistant Vice Chancellor Mohamed Abousalem.
    Read more      
  • 3 Engineering faculty members take part in Transforming STEM Teaching program
    Tracy Larrabee (CE), Narges Norouzi (CS) and Farid Dowla (EE) are among the first UC Santa Cruz faculty members to participate in the 2018 Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program Cohort.
    Read more      
  • UC Santa Cruz and Baskin Engineering to co-host the 2018 ECEDHA annual conference and expo
    The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA) annual conference will be held in Monterey on March 16-20. Marco Rolandi, Chair of the Electrical Engineering department is leading the effort.
    Read more        


Sad news         

  • I'm sorry to announce that Carol Mullane passed away in December 2017. Many of you knew Carol, who served as a BSOE graduate advisor for 15 years and retired in 2013. I would like to express my condolences to her family and former colleagues in BSOE.       


More News and Reminders

  • More engineering news can be found on our news feed
  • Remember to follow BSOE (and me) on Twitter: @UCSC_BSOE and @BSOE_Dean
  • I invite your nominations to The Humans of BSOE project. The project features the students, faculty, staff and alumni of the Baskin School of Engineering. Through individual profiles, Humans of BSOE celebrates the individuality and diversity within the school. Profiles are shared on BSOE and campus social media, on the primary BSOE website, and on various other sites such as the new Graduate Studies website.     
    It's easy to nominate a student (undergraduate or graduate), alumnus/alumna, faculty member, researcher, and/or staff member by completing the HOBSOE submission form.   
  • While we always send out a call for items from department chairs and managers, you can submit news items at any time. Here's how:    
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