Engineering Videos

Professor Ricardo Sanfelice and his Hybrid Systems Lab works to develop Cyber Physical Systems that incorporate networks, computers, and physics. applied to aerial vehicles.

Professor Holger Schmidt gives a tour of his labs and discusses his research in optofluidics.

Faculty and students in the BSOE Computer Engineering Department are researching and developing applications that will enable the internet to evolve and get to the next level.
The BSOE Statistics faculty, one of the best applied Bayesian departments in the world, uses statistical models to create real world applications from massive amounts of data.
A University/Industry cooperative center that is partially funded by the National Science Foundation and primarily funded by industrial partners.

Engineering News

  • Professor Yu Zhang participates in the New York Academy of Sciences Magazine's article "Imagining the Next 100 Years of Science and Technology."
  • Marco Rolandi, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, and his Baskin School of Engineering team explore bioelectronic and bioprotonic devices -- devices that could have applications in areas such as healthcare and energy conversion.

Engineering Events